Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Baby Blogging

Or, why did we ever pay for a bed?


I don't know why we bothered. Mary NEVER sleeps in her bed. She drags her stuffed animals and her blankets off the bed, and curls up on the nice comfy hardwood floor. Posted by Picasa


Kristeen said...

Oooh! She looks so darn big!!! :)

Goody said...

Here too. Hopefully by the time winter rolls around the floor will be cold enough that the kids will figure out the bed is a better deal.

James said...

But she's so cute! Jasen seems to have managed the "find my bed before I collapse unconscious" trick now that we let him roam free.

Connor's favorite spot is still curled up in his comforter behind the door, underwear optional.


Anne R. Key said...

I still like the poop story best.