Thursday, August 10, 2006


I've become a real lollyblogger again, unfortunately. I just haven't much to type about here, and when I do think of something, it's either at 3 in the morning, or I'm just too lazy to sit down and type.

Ian (sorry, that's Moustapha) has been home for a week and a half now. He just started working for a company that is not a front for a notorious biker gang yesterday. The bonus, aside from not working for that biker gang is that they are working in Red Deer right now. So, he gets up early in the morning and meets his ride on the south side of the city. They all drive to Red Deer, and he's home by 6ish in the evening. On monday they start working in Nisku, which is even closer. We will see after today if he is going to stay with them, depending on how much they offer to pay him, but all in all it looks positive. The company is local, they only work in Alberta. If he does have to go out of town they do 11 days out and 3 in. They have a benifit plan, and they are willing to give him tickets for the work he does so that he is officially qualified. If he sticks around long enough, they may even help him get his Journeyman ironworker ticket.

Mary is doing well, every day she has more words that I can understand. We ended up quitting the swimming lessons, the chlorine was doing horrible things to her poor skin. She was just one giant ball of eczema, and it was pretty awful. After one or two days with no swimming, it cleared right up, so I decided not to go back. No big loss for her really, as she hated it anyways.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I will have something a bit more interesting to say later on.

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Anne R. Key said...

No more toobs of moo?

I for one would just like to go on record as saying that it will be kickin' to have Ian home to harrass. I am going to make an India Pale Ale and will need some quality assurance volunteers.