Thursday, August 03, 2006

Swimming is fun

Mary and I started swimming lessons on Monday morning, and it's fun. Sort of.

This is a picture of Mary and I last year when we took the same class. Cute, eh?


Here are some pictures of our lesson today.


What you can't tell in these pictures is that from the moment we got into the water, Mary started saying "All Done!" quite seriously. And she didn't stop the entire time we were swimming. We started off in the deep pool, which is kind of cool, but not too bad. She clung to me like a little leach and shivered. She refuses to kick, splash or blow bubbles in the water at all. When we got into the warm toddler pool that she is tall enough to stand in, she will constantly attempt to get out. Again, she refuses to do anything but grin at the other kids, and try to leave.

I think next time we will do music or art lessons. I suspect she'll enjoy them a whole lot more. Posted by Picasa

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Goody said...

I'm envious. We don't have anything like swimming or music classes (or other children) around here.

That photo with the kids all sitting at the edge of the pool-how do you ever get children to sit still long enough to listen to instructions? My kid would be running all over trying to push the others in the water.