Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Great Bra Hunt

Yeah yeah, I know. Lollyblogger. Is anyone surprised? To be honest, I've been having a tough time blogging at all for the last few months. Life has settled into a sort of routine that does not have room for any excitement.

Anyways, one bit of excitement is that I start a Pole Dancing class tonight. Yes, I did say pole dancing. I'm pretty excited about it, a few of the girls that I know have been taking the classes for a while, and they love them. So, I have decided to take the plunge and sign up. I really need to loose weight, and I hate physical activity, but I have been told that this is great fun, so I'm going to try. Aside from which, one friend of mine who is built in much the same way as I am has lost 2 dress sizes since she started. The added bonus is increased flexibility and confidence. I've never ever considered myself sexy at all...I'm about as limber as an 80 year old, but hopefully this class will change that a bit.

One problem with taking this class is that I needed to find a sports bra. Apparently the world has decreed that fat women with big boobs don't exercise, and never will, therefore they don't need to make sports bra's in larger sizes. I've always had very large boobs, and I always will...loosing weight likely will not change that. It's always a nightmare finding a bra that fits, but hunting for a sports bra was a step beyond...almost as painful as looking for a new bathing suit. After the third time I tried on an XL bra that barely covered my nipples let alone supported anything, I was close to tears. I finally found something that fits half decently, although the support is not what I would have liked...but I made do, I really don't think I would have found anything better.

On the Mary front...well...she is just funnier and funnier every day. She has taken to disciplining herself when she gets into trouble. If she climbs up onto the cat house or diningroom table, she starts to yell "Down! DOWN!" at herself, and if she gets into something she knows she shouldn't, she starts saying "No. No no no." even before she does it. She's also gone baby CRAZY. Everywhere we go she points out every baby she can see, and often a short person is considered a baby. At home she has a Cabbage Patch doll which she got for her 1st birthday. She never paid attention to the doll till this past weekend, but now she drags it everywhere. She shares her juice and cookies with Baby, pretends to change it's diaper, wacks it's face against the wall, brushes its hair, tosses it to the floor, and tucks it in under any sort of blanket/clothing that she can find. She still loves her cars and trucks, but she's definitely got the baby bug. Hopefully Moustapha and I can provide her with a real baby to take care of (minus the face bashing and tossing to the floor) in the not too distant future!

Oh! Did I mention that it is officially official, Moustapha has a new job? It's great to have him home every evening, and even better is that his new employer actually has health benefits! Which means that I will be able to get new glasses, which I desperately need. I can't do any of my embroidery right now, which is annoying because I'm getting better at it, and I've managed to teach myself to do more than just cross-stitch too. But if I do it for too long (more than about 10 minutes) right now I just give myself a splitting headache. I have a couple of big projects that I want to finish before Christmas, and I need to get to work now so I can finish them in time.

Anyways, Purgatory is tomorrow night, and I've had some big changes happen with my character. BIG changes. So, I must think on how I will play with matter what, it'll be interesting. I waited up till 1am for my turn last night, and when I got it...well, it was fantastic as usual.


Anne R. Key said...

I'd like to see Mary do some of the face-whacking...

Goody said...

I thought pole dancing was topless.

Kristeen said...

Have you tried a Bravado nursing bra? It's the only bra I've ever owned that keeps me up where normal people have their goods :) You can try one on at Bugs N Berries just off Whyte and I thik they run around $40.