Monday, September 04, 2006


I have decided to present proof to you that pole dancing is indeed a dangerous sport. This is a picture of the bruise on my inner right thigh that I managed to give myself learning the "Fireman spin" on Thursday night. When I took this picture the bruise was 4 days old, and it's looking much better than it did on Friday.


In other news, do you like my new keyboard? Isn't it nice? Someone (possibly me) dumped half a cup of hot tea on the keyboard Saturday morning, and it just couldn't take the abuse. Posted by Picasa


Goody said...

You just did a post with "pole dancing", "inner thigh", "bruise" and "abuse" as potential Google keyword search terms.

Might be an interesting time to get a site tracker.

Rodicon said...

Ya know, I get these same bruises when I sword fight... where I am whacked with large, heavy rattan sticks… with armour on. Is this normal?!

Anne R. Key said...

Having done it once a looong time, it's not normal.