Thursday, September 21, 2006

Same Pattern On the Table, Same Clock On the Wall

Wow. Blogger's being dificult these last couple of days. I've been trying to post since yesterday afternoon. And even commenting on blogger blogs is a pain in the ass.

The diaper rash issue seems to be suddenly resolving itsef, thank goodness. I was really regretting having a stark naked Miss Mary roaming the house leaving puddles in her wake. I wish it were still summer, I'd just put her in the back yard and let her enjoy the freedom of no clothes. Anyways, thank you all for the advice! I'm sure that it will come up again, and now I have some good ideas what to do. Though I must ask, was I the only one taken aback by Goody's $275.00 consult fee for her sons bum? I mean, I know that they have to pay for doctors visits in the States, but I had no idea it was that costly. I'm especially thankful for living up here after reading that, particularly when I think of the paniced visits I made to Marys pediatritian during her first year of life.

My poor husband is having a hard time with life right now, I'm afraid to say. We are learning that as adults with a child, we don't really spend a lot of time together anymore. Last night, both of us got home around the same time, him from work, me from babysitting. He hopped into the tub, I fed Mary, and then I ran out the door to babysit Ravens awesome kids. As I was heading out the door he muttered something about maybe spending time with me in 2007. We are both so busy, and evenings are the only time I can do a lot of things that I want to do that need to be done sans toddler. I was looking at our weeknights, and we (I) now have no free evenings. Monday I go to Ravens place to play Seventh Sea, Tuesdays is D&D night, Wednesdays I will be looking after Ravens kids (which I would be delighted to do, even if she (the government) was not paying me, Thursdays is pole dance class and Grey's Anatomy (Season starts tonight! My tear ducts are ready!), and Fridays are various live games for Ian, and game night at Ravens place. Two Saturday evenings a month are live games for me. Sundays are quiet, but sometimes Ian works on the weekends. Phew. Well, pole dance ends next week, so that'll open up Thursdays again. I'm not going to take another class till the end of October, I'm going to Vancouver for a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving.

In other news, please see the comments on my last post for why homosexual marriage will bring about the downfall of our society. Roaming around naked during the day! Could it get word am I looking for here? Oh well, I am righteously indignant. Now, where are my pants?


Cori Quite Contrary said...

Yay! New Grey's Anatomy!

I still need to watch the season finale.

Emmett said...

I think it's less that gay marriage will cause the downfall of society and more than Anne will.

Anne R. Key said...


Just remember--call first!

James said...

Raven and I were there, for a bit, with the "who? Oh, that person who sleeps in my bed, sometimes." thing. I highly recommend the dedicated "date night" which you are so kindly assisting us with on Wednesdays. It's an evening where we aren't allowed to schedule solo activities. We don't always go out; we don't always do things together. Sometimes the things we do together are fun and exciting like "Work on the yard." Sometimes the 'together' part is awfully marginal - "I'll clean the basement while you work on the laundry room".

But basically it's just a night where we're not allowed to have an excuse not to spend time together. It works pretty darn good.