Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Sky Was Dull And Hypothetical

What a crummy week. The rain and miserable weather are getting to me. At least I don't work outside like Ian. Poor bastard.

I did have a good weekend in spite of the weather. Friday was spend exchanging increasingly silly emails with a large group of friends, and Friday evening I went over to Emmett's place with said group to hang out. We chatted and geeked some, and then we decided to watch 'V for Vendetta.' The movie was even better the second time around, I was able to pick up on some of the more subtle details that I missed the first time. Saturday Ian got up bright and early for work, only to appear home shortly after that because of the weather. We hung out, went for breakfast with friends, did stuff around the house. That night was our Arthurian LARP, at which the Knights of Camelot fought the prettiest, girliest Roman army ever (the women all hid in the keep, so we got to play the Romans in our lovely gowns and tiaras). Ian worked Sunday, and Mary and don't think we did anything other than hang out and cuddle on the couch.

Over the past few days Mary has been incredibly clumsy, and every time she falls she hits/scrapes her poor little nose. It's very red now, and has a huge scrape right on the end. She looks like she gets beaten on a regular basis, poor little thing. I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow so I can show you all, it's quite pathetic. She's also developed a very bad case of diaper rash, the poor baby. It's nasty, and she freaks out every time her diaper needs changing because she knows it's going to hurt to have her bum wiped. It's actually bleeding, and the penatin cream doesn't seem to help. Do you think I ought to take her to the doctor now, or wait a little while longer?

Okay. It's late. I need to sleep now. G'nite everyone!


Anonymous said...

I used to take the diaper off and let my kids have some air exposure to the tender area. I was leery of lettign them run around without that comfort of no messes but in the end it was worth it. The rashes would disappear on their own after a day or two. And surprisingly I only needed to tske the diaper off for about half an hour to an hour every couple of hours. One way was during nap time so any messes were contained and easily cleaned up. With Mary not in a crib any more that might be more difficult. The only thing a doctor will do is precribe another cream. Unless the rash has really wierd spots Id try aeration first.

My sympathy by the way, rashes are never fun times for anyone.


Anne R. Key said...

When I saw the Queen last year, she declined to look at my rash, but I'll look at Mary's if you want.

I like the Tragically Hip.

Raven said...

Have you tried giving her an Aveeno bath?
You put this oatmeal-based powdery stuff in the tub, and it makes the water not hurt sensitive skin, and it helps heal the rash area. If you can do that, and then (like Myra says) let the area air-dry, I found the rash heals up very fast - and there's a lot less screaming.
Just another thing to try.
I'm sure you'll find something that works for you & Mary.

Goody said...

Danny had horrible diaper rash that did not respond to any of the antibiotic/steriod creams. After a month of back and forth with his Dr. we took him to a pediatric dermatologist to be told that regular (generic is best as it has less fragrance)zinc oxide will clear it right up-and it did. It was worth the $275.00 consultation to be told we needed a three dollar tube of cream. BTW-use a lot of it-slather the stuff on.

If Mary is having loose stools (God, I cannot believe I just typed "loose stools" that's a first...)you can also make a paste of 50% cold cream and 50% regular maalox. The antacid keeps urine and those L.S's from burning the sores.

Hope she's doing better soon.

Goody said...

Pt. II-Cleaning

Expensive specialist person (AKA "The Butt Doctor") also told us to stop using wipes and wash the little bottom off with a cloth diaper dipped in water. We keep a stack of diapers on the table along with a rubbermaid tub with tap water. One diaper gets slid under to catch any splashes, and the other is used as a wipe. I have a pail with a lid and at the end of the day I do a load of diapers. We've saved a ton of money not buying wipes too.

The Butt Doctor also suggested a nightly bath, even if it's just a quick dip in the water. She has us suing Cetaphil to wash with.

Of course, because it worked here does not mean it will work for you-and if I lived in a country that was still civilised enough to let people seek medical attention without being bankrupted-I'd do so. You might get better advice-without the pricey consult and attitude.

Anne R. Key said...

What Goody says is absolutely true. Janet has definitely found that the wipes dry out my arse, so the cloth diaper dipped in tap water--while chilly--helps prevent that.

But really, the absolute best is Air On Bum.

That's why you should always call before you pop over.

Goody said...

Ya know Anne, before marriage it's always warmed wipes. No sooner they mutter "I do" and you're having your bum wiped with ice water.

Andi said...

Hi Jenn,
Greetings from someone else suffering through the latest lovely Edmonton weather.

About the diaper rash, check with a pharmacist. They can usually make you a lovely little potion that clears up kid butt very well. When Elliot had one, my delightful pharmacist brother made me some (sadly he is now in Ontario). He called it "Cheeky Monkey" cream. Good luck!

Super Janet said...

The line, Anne, you pole-vaulted the line again. Oh me nerves.

Anne R. Key said...