Monday, March 26, 2007


For those of you who care, or are curious, here are links to the MLS listings for the two houses.

Gray :


I really wish I knew how to make links nicely here, but all my magic helper buttons have disappeared (if anyone can tell me why, and how to get them back, I'd appreciate it).

I'm really quite excited and anxious, I want to get this done as soon as possible now that things are moving along. A week to wait for the agents to tell us how much our house is worth seems like an unbearably long time. I want to know now! What if by time we find out how much the house is worth and arrange to sell it, both the houses we like are sold? What if we end up having to move without somewhere to move too? What if I have to stay behind with Mary while Ian goes off to work? I certainly can't pack and move on my own (or really even with help, according to the doctors...). I just can't wait to be in a house that is big enough for our little family to grow in, and the idea of being relatively debt free except for a smallish mortgage is incredibly exciting.

The hardest thing about moving will be leaving all our fantastic friends behind. The idea of that kind of makes me sick in a bad way as opposed to an excited way. I'm sure we will survive, and we will come back to Edmonton for visits, but still. I mean, I moved to Edmonton 7 years ago without knowing anyone, and now I have a huge network of friends, surely I can do it again, right? The problem is that Regina is...well, it just isn't Edmonton. I'm thinking of putting an ad in the local paper there to find people to play D&D with. How does this sound? "Thirty something couple new to the area in search of a group of like minded people to engage in weekly role playing adventures." Tee hee. I'm sure we would get some colourful responses to that one.


Emmett said...

You will really be missed. Please let me know if there are any changes to what you told me last about Purgatory -- I know it's probably the last thing on your mind, but it sounds like things are progressing much faster than the last time we discussed it.

As for finding a group in Regina, I would check at whatever passes for a gaming store over there. People sometimes put up paper ads on the wall at Warp (or used to), maybe they do that there? I understand there might be a LARP crowd, too. At least a couple of our Saskatchewan friends have mentioend living in Regina and might be good leads for you to hook up with the crowd there, I suspect.

Ryan said...

You will find, actually that Regina has at least one excellent, and possibly two gaming stores, each of which are as good or better than what we have here.

Also they have a thriving LARP community.

You'll be fine.

Regina, unlike Sasaktoon, does, however, still suck.

Donette said...

Gah.. just wandered in off the street to yer blog, funny I just came on during THIS topic... yah know, I actually DO know a bunch of gamers in Regina, very fond D&D memories of them. Did not dawn on me to talk to you about it... Once you get moved, I should come visit and hook you guys up. And yah, gaming stores are ok, there is one On Broad Street & 14th or 15th Ave, and one on Scarth, and they sometimes have postings for D&D games looking for players. Er... and for note honey, a couple that used to come to edmonton for KC about a year back live there, one in particular that loves D&D passionately, I played with him for years. Hasn't been here for a while but he plays in the Stoon KC now, and you may remember him... Anyhow, we'll talk. I'll hook ya up. ^_^