Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Morning Conversation (and some rambling)

Mary: Hello! Hello Mummy! Hello! Hi! (Incredibly cheerfully, in spite of having been up till 3 AM jumping on her bed)

Me: Good morning Mary. (Incredibly grumpy. Sleep did not come easily last night due to a multitude of reasons, Mary's late night shenanigans being the least of them)

Mary: Morning! Hi Mummy! Where Daddy?

Me: Daddy's at work.

Mary: Oh. Daddy work. Bum? Bum! (at this point she charges to the diapers and selects one to hand to me)

Me: Yes, let's change your diaper.

Mary, upon being lifted up to have her diaper changed: Bum. Yucky bum. Whee! Diaper! Mummy glasses? Where glasses? Yucky bum. Pants! Up Pants! Breakfast?

Me: Yes, that's a dirty diaper, now you have a nice clean one on your bum. I'm not wearing my glasses yet.

Mary: Oh. eyes. Yoghurt?

Me: Okay, let's get you breakfast.

Mary: Yay! Yoghurt! Breakfast! Fridge! Highchair! Yoghurt! Spoon! UP highchair!

Me: (quietly following her orders, I get her breakfast and get her into her highchair.)

Mary: All Done! Down! Mummy? Down! Glasses! TV. TV. TV OFF! (gets increasingly whiney) OOOOOFFFFF. TV OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF!

Me: The TV is off. Do you want it on now?

Mary: TV on now. ON. Blanket please.

So, I turned it on, and other than the occasional comment on what pops up on the screen she's been pretty quiet. Anyways...can you believe that I was concerned about her speech development only 2 weeks ago? I certainly cannot.

I think it's been a long while since I posted here last, mostly just because I've been bored. Not a lot is going on lately other than the usual, and both Mary and I have been feeling just a wee bit under the weather. I'll be glad when this very long cold season is finally over, hopefully it will end.

The weather has been wonderful lately, all the snow is melting which Mary just LOVES. We've gone out the last couple of days just to walk around the block and stomp in as many puddles as we can. Pretty soon we can take out the trike that her Nana Cookie gave her for her birthday, I'm certain she'll be thrilled.

Yesterday I had yet another ultrasound. It was just a follow up from the last time I was bleeding, and things are looking good. It seems that this baby will be a giant too (really, it already is) unless it decides to come early. Even if it does come quite early though, I suspect it will be as big as most average sized babies out there. Sigh. Anyways, it was nice to see the baby again, it's growing like crazy and currently in a breech position, with its feet up by its head. The U/S tech actually watched her kick her own face for a while before moving on. Oh, and he also confirmed that this baby is definately a girl, so it looks like I am following the family tradition. All my cousins who have had children have had the first two girls, and then a boy after that. Only 14 weeks left of this miserable pregnancy! Yay!


Lulu said...

Yanno, Liz and I have exactly that conversatin in the mornings..."Yucky bum" and all that.


Are you SURE the baby isn't a boy, what with the kicking it's own face issue?

Kristeen said...

Yes, didn't you know that all the COOL kids have two girls??? :)

jsm said...

Spring is on the way...and so are your geese! We have hundreds and hundreds of them out in the flodded lower field doing the honking and other assorted goose noises day and night. A couple more weeks and they should be up your way. The cranes are late this year though.

Glad to hear Mary is babbling away.