Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hello everyone!

Today is a bit better, though I'm still feeling pretty glum. Still no ironworker work for Ian today, he's back at the lube place. Tomorrow he is taking the day off from both places to help clean up the house some before we head off to Regina on Friday morning.

Yesterday didn't get much better after my last update. I went to pick Ian up from work, and Mary and I decided that the best thing to do when strapped for cash is to spend more money going out for supper. So, we decided to head off to a chain restaurant that we have a great deal of experience eating at, and is tied in to my family via my fathers brother. It was one of the worst dining experiences I've had in a while. It took a long time to get our drinks, we ordered, and waited forever for our food. Ian and mine came with Mary's nowhere in sight. I looked at mine and realized that instead of the no green peppers that I had requested, they had given me double green peppers. I finally managed to get ahold of our waiter and he apologized and said he would get it replaced right away. I also asked after Mary's meal, and he stammered that he forgot to put it in, but would get it rushed out right away. Mary's meal showed up about 10 minutes later, mine did not. Ian finished his supper, Mary finished hers and started getting grumpy and bored. The waiter showed up to let me know that they had just put in my meal, and it would be another ten minutes or so. We ended up leaving before Mary had a complete melt down, and before I had a chance to eat anything at all. I was incredibly unhappy, and while it wasn't a big thing, after the day I'd had, it sure felt like it.

D&D last night was great fun though, for which I was thankful. Our friend T, with the kewlest character eh-VAR! kept me in stitches all night long, and when he wasn't making me giggle, Rico took over.

Mary was sick in the car again on the way home last night, so I think we need to alter our lifestyle. Up too this point she has been very portable, and if we want to do stuff, we just pack her up and get her settled in her playpen at bedtime. Waking her up to go home was never really a problem before, but it seems to be getting harder and harder on her, and really, it just isn't fair to do to her anymore. This is the 3rd time she has reacted to the late night wake-up this way in just over a week, and I don't want to do it too her anymore. So, we are going to cut out the majority of our late night outings pretty shortly, and we are likely going to have our next Tuesday game here in our teeny tiny house.

For those of you who have sent best wishes after yesterday, thank you very much. There really isn't much need to start a fundraising drive for the crappy taurus just yet though. We are heading to Regina on Friday, and we were planning on begging a few thousand dollars off my dad to fix up the house so as to make it more saleable, we will just beg for a little bit more to fix the piece of crap. Ian spoke with his boss over at the lube place, and he is okay with the car staying there for a week or so till we can get things organized.

Oh, and I just peeked in on Mary having a nap, she's fast asleep on her bed and stark naked once again. It's time to start duct-taping the diapers on, I think.


greypanther said...

I understand. I feel the same about transporting our kids around as well. They don't react by throwing up but I see the results of the late nights the next day. Hubby doesn't and so is content in disrupting their sleep. Grrr. By the way I apparently had baby envy. Go see my blog. thhpppt!

JSM said...

What? So I hafta keep the creepy little figurines for like another fifteen years?

Seriously though, if we can help out, will you let us know?

Kristeen said...

Have you tried putting a onesie on her backwards? We have, in fact, Tuck taped her diapers on once in a while ;)