Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours.

We were getting ahead, really, we were. We had cut down on the majority of our frivolous spending, we hardly eat out anymore (compared to how we used to eat). We were careful to keep up on our bills and we still managed to buy groceries. Yes, it was tight, but we were doing it. Then Ian froze his fingers and missed a bit of work. Then the guys he works for discovered that although they had lots of work to do, for some reason they couldn't get the bits and pieces they needed to do the work, in spite of having ordered those bits and pieces weeks ago. A couple of short days last week, one day not worked at all, yesterday Ian was told that if we wanted, we could leave for Regina today, as there was likely no work for him for the rest of the week. We can't afford this. To make matters worse, on his way to the Lube place to put in some (all be it lower paid) hours, something happened to the Taurus. It started driving funny halfway there, and when he got there he realized that the front suspension had broken, and sent a spring shooting through the brand new front tire. He phoned around, of course our expensive warranty doesn't cover suspension work, and it looks to be around $1000. He spoke to a guy at the Ford dealer where we bought the car, and he said that this is a very common problem in older Tauruses. Um. Well gee, guy, thanks for telling us that now, and older?? The car is only 5 years old, for crying out loud. We still owe around fifteen thousand on it, last I checked. Thankfully we still have the van, but that leaves us with a fifteen thousand dollar heap of metal that we simply cannot afford to fix, and me without a vehicle yet again. The weather is getting nicer, but taking Mary on the bus is a chore at the best of times. I have to walk for about 30 minutes after or before a 2 hour bus ride just to get to my Dr.'s office, which is a drive that takes about 10 minutes if the traffic is bad. Going anywhere south of the river is just a nightmare, even getting to the closest mall takes about an hour on the bus.

The move to Regina is looking likelier and likelier, and looks to be happening sooner and sooner, if things keep up like this. I'm thinking that instead of the somewhat major work we had been thinking of doing to make the house more sellable, we will do some minor touch ups, scrub the place down (and boy does it need a scrub) and hope for the best. My dad told me yesterday that he would happily help with moving expenses and a down payment on a place in Saskatchewan, and we just recently found some new 3 bedroom townhouses that are being built in the city for relatively cheap. I just don't know, it seems like every time I/we manage to dig ourselves out, be it financially or emotionally, the world winds up and gives us a good hard kick in the junk to keep us down.

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