Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's my birthday!

So. On Annes blog, there is quite a discussion going on around some comments that someone made in response to some comments Anne made about the Roman Catholic Church. Now. Some things have been said about the Anglican church by a friend of mine, and I just cant take it anymore. What drives me absolute bonkers is people who badmouth the CofE because the only reason that it came around was so the King could divorce his wife. Grr. That is NOT the only reason. The political and religious climate at the time required a change, a break from the church in Rome. The people were restive, and most of them were very upset with the corrupt church in Rome. There were no bibles in English, there was no chance for the masses to actually understand the faith that they were forced to have. All they saw was thier money being taken by the church. They saw Cardinal Thomas Wolsey living in splendour, yet demanding that his flock give more and more to the church. The Anglican church came about for much the same reasons as most protastant denominations did, and in the same period of time. The fact that the catalyst was that Henry wanted to divorce Katherine means very little to me, and to most Anglicans, I think. It does not change the integrity of the church today. The fact that the Anglican church adapted out of political convenience, as Eman claims, can be applied to most Christian denominations. Some person did not agree with something that the mother church taught, and started his own church that he did agree with...the fact that that someone for the Anglican church was a king does not make it any different!!

So there. Im not sure how much sense that made, but I do get a little upset about things at times. I think that it is one thing to have a discussion about the merits and flaws about a particular religion, but to dismiss a denomination outright for one thing in the distant past? Come on.


Lazarus said...
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Lazarus said...

There is nothing quite like a mixture of politics and religion to make peoples blood boil.

PS - Happy Birthday