Monday, April 11, 2005

Sinking into lollybloggerdom

I have recently been accused of being a lollyblogger. I admit, I havnt had alot to say this week, but at least I have posted at least once in April, unlike some peoples significant others!

Anyways, I never said my life was interesting....I suppose I could come on and describe the dirty diapers (like the one Mary is currently filling) I change every day, but I suspect that would get kind of old. Im not a writer like Dave or Anne, so I have a hard time being witty and coming across as intelligent in my blog too, and I hate to just blather on about nothing.

My mother is still determined that we should move to Vancouver. She seems to think that it isnt that expensive at all to live there, and we would do just fine. I personally think she is on crack. Gas there is 104.9 cents/litre. Her rent for a 2 bedroom appartment is double what we pay on our mortgage here. Everything is far away. I dont want to live in a stupid little appartment. I DONT WANT TO MOVE TO VANCOUVER, MOTHER! There, now that I have that off my chest. I mean, Vancouver really is a lovely place, and I have always wanted to end up there. Now that I am a grown up though, I have other concerns, like being able to pay for groceries, being able to own a house...that sort of thing. I think that because Ian and I both basically qualify as unskilled labour, we would do quite poorly, and never ever get ahead.

The titanic dinner theatre is coming up on saturday. Im quite excited about it, although Im sad that I havnt got a character. I went to the actors practice with Ian last night, and got quite jealous of everyone who has speaking parts. I did get to read some parts of the people who werent there, but Mary got antsy, and we had to go home early. The best part of the thing last year was that they put us to work! It was lots of fun having a part, and serving tables. Anyways, Janet has said that she has a skirt I can borrow (hopefully it will fit, I have become quite large), but I have to get over there some time to pick it up, and I havnt got their phone number (hint hint, Anne). At least with a skirt, I wont like totally ridiculous.

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