Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope, and Terry Schiavo

So, the Pope is dying, and Terry Schaivo is dead. Im not roman catholic, although I think that Anglicanism is as close to Roman Catholicism as you can get, without actually being one. Anyways, Im not an RC, and I dont pretend to understand alot of what they do. I often they really think that it is Gods will to keep people living artificially? I mean, it is one thing to cure a disease, and allow a person to continue on in a relatively functional manner, but to keep someone alive, so they can lay in a bed and drool for 15 years while their muscles all seems kind of barbaric to me.

My father thinks the reason they havnt let the Pope die sooner is that when he does, everyone in the Vatican looses their jobs. I didnt realise that he was right, until I was watching the news today. I guess there are two factions, those that want the Pope to die, so they can jockey for his position, and those that dont, because they will loosed their jobs among the elite.

Purgatory is tonight, it should be an interesting game. Im a little concerned about my character, all of a sudden I have alot on my plate with her. Malkavians may be fun friends, but they tend to be destructive. Tomorow I have a D&D game all afternoon, and then another one that evening! Yay! A weekend of geeking and dice!

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