Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The evil step mother

Well, we made it. It was a long week in Regina, but we are back now. Mary's baptism went very well, she was such a good baby. The service was a doozy, 2 hours long, and she only cried once. She didn't even scream when the water was dumped on her head. I was so proud.

My step mother is pretty hard to take. She is one thing that makes me want to seriously rethink moving to Regina. She is well meaning, but very bossy, and has to be involved in everything. She believes that she has the right to tell her children what to do, and have them obey her, no matter how old they are. She also has very different ideas about how we should care for Mary, and she refuses to listen to me when I tell her how we do things. Urg. By yesterday, I was ready to shoot her, or at the very least kick her in the shins. It is very frustrating to go from being a responsible, independant adult, to being treated like a naughty 16 year old who doesnt know anything about anything. Oh well, we are home now, and I did have a wonderful visit with my Dad. He is the only reason I could ever have to get along with his wife for a long period of time.

The cats were not at all happy to see us. We have been gone for a week, I missed them desperately, and they hardly noticed. Except Tybalt, he was pissed off. He is giving me the cold shoulder right now, and wont talk to me at all. If I try to pet him, he cringes away, and then leaves. Miserable Jerk. The birds are still alive, unfortunately. I hate the bloody things, and I wish I could find a home for them, but I can't. I often consider shitting the door to the living room, with all four cats in it, and opening the bird cage door....nature could take care of the rest!


Emmett said...

"She is one thing that makes me want to seriously rethink moving to Regina" this means what? You're planning on moving to Regina? Or if you were thinking about moving to Regina, she could make you rethink it?

Jenn said...

We are thinking about moving to Regina sometime in the nearish future. Michael makes me think that moving to Regina is a bad idea. I cant imagine living close enough to her that she could just pop by at any time. Really, if I cant handle being around her for 5 days, having to deal with her every day would be torture. Not that she is a bad person, she is very well meaning...but you know where good intentions lead. Anyways, it is all up in the air, there wont be any big moves for a while yet, if at all.

Anne R. Key said...

Yes, stepmothers, can be challenging. I rather like the fact that Janet's mum lives at a certain distance, and I'm sure Janet feels the same about Junior, particularly following this past Christmas. Distance is a most effective buffer.