Monday, March 07, 2005

So many numbers

Today was my first day of training at the nameless telecom company. Yikes. What a long confusing day. I guess it will get easier, I really hope it gets easier. You wouldnt believe how much you need to know to handle your average directory assistance call. Tomorow we get tested on what we were taught today. They gave us our schedules for 3 weeks from now today, and I have a serious problem. I had mentioned in my interview, and again when I was hired that I would be in Regina for the Easter long weekend because my daughter is being baptised then. So, they scheduled me to work the saturday of the long weekend. I have been assured that it is being delt with, and that I neednt worry, but Im still a little concerned.

Mary was up super late last night, and I've been told that she slept all day today. It's my fault really, I told everyone what a good baby she is, and how she sleeps through the night. Not anymore. The last several days she has been up till the wee hours of the morning. The worst thing is that she is so cheerful when she is awake, it's like she is a devil child. All I have to say is that she is darned lucky she's so cute.

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Shani said...


She just fell asleep! She looked so cute! And then she lured me into the world of sleep... she used some kind of magic baby mojo on me!!!


BTW, welcome to Blogdom!