Monday, March 21, 2005

I always wanted to be a Tulip Picker....

My mother called me last night to inform me that in Langley, tulip pickers make twelve dollars an hour. She felt that it was important that I understand that anyone, even me, could be a tulip picker. She is desperate for me not to move to Regina, and to go to Vancouver instead, and feels that $12 an hour is more than enough to live on. She still doesnt understand that Vancouver is just too expensive for us, and that 12 bucks there is like 7 anywhere else.

Ians mum got to Edmonton on saturday and seems well. We visited with her and Ians very loud aunt, uncle and cousins an saturday night and sunday afternoon. It's always exciting to spend time with them, you never know how loudly they are going to yell. I tend to just sit back and watch in quiet amazement. I'm not sure how keen I am on them being around Mary when she is old enough to repeat everything that everyone says...they are pretty foul mouthed, and I dont want her swearing like a sailor.

We rented the Incredibles last night. What a great movie! That baby is killer cute!

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Anne R. Key said...

Yer fuckin' baby will do just fine around the swearing fuckin' adults. Don't throw such a fuckin' spaz. You just have to make sure that those ignorant shitheels who swear in front of little yard apes watch their fuckin' mouths until after bedtime. Then have at 'her, eh?