Sunday, March 06, 2005


So, Ian and I watched the Titanic movie this afternoon. I've seen it before once, the first time I saw it was a few months ago. I remember when it came out, I was determined that I would never watch it. The hype bothered me, and they played that song by Celine Dion constantly on the radio. I hate her. Anyways, now that I have seen it, I can kind of understand why so many people loved it, it really is a fantastic love story. I also enjoy picking it to pieces, it is not even kind of historacally correct. There is no way, ever, that Jack and Rose would have ever met, and that scene at the very bow of the ship, you know the one "Im king of the world!" would never have happened. I know for a fact that that area of the ship would have been seriously off limits to passengers. Being friends with Iain and Val, I can see the misrepresentations even more now, they are huge Titanic buffs.

Mary has been an absolute monster for the entire weekend. She has been cranky, crying all the time, hardly sleeping at all, which makes her crankier. I'm a little worried about tomorow though. I start my new job in the morning, and I will be working 8:30 - 16:00 monday through friday. Shanni has kindly offered to look after Mary, but I'm still worried. I feel kind of guilty having anyone else deal with the baby right now, she is alot of work. I'm also worried about me. I will be training, and they test us on what we learn. If we don't get 80% or higher on each of the tests, then we are asked to leave and not come back. Normally I wouldnt be too worried, but how well am I going to concentrate after being up till 4am with a screaming baby each night.

Last night we played D&D, and it was pretty fun. It was the first time I have gone back to this particular game since before Mary was born. It is a pretty neat premise, we are playing in post-arthurian England, or at least Allan's twist on that time. He does a very good job, especially as he majored in history in university. My character is an absolute wreck though, and lightyears behind all the other characters in the party. I am also a werewolf, which none of the other party members know, and will eventually cause great problems. There is a stupid paladin, and he will kick up a huge fuss when he realises how close to being a bad guy I am. Last night we went to the elven world, where we killed a renegade Tree Ent, were robbed by a bunch of pixies (totally not my fault), and got drunk with some tree gnomes.

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