Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Anne put a picture on her blog that has burned itself into my retinas. It is the Tapeworm (Janets ex), in a bikini. I am so glad that Ian has never decided to wear my underwear or bathing suits, I love the man, but I dont think that I could ever sleep with him again if he did. It all kind of reminds me of my father. When I was a teenager, he used to come out of the bedroom wearing one of my mothers nighties over his church clothes, and a pair of her panties on his head. He thought it was the funniest thing, as he skipped out the back door, I thought it was mortifying. He never actully got to church dressed like that, although once he did get into the car and drive around the block. My dad is fantastic, I adore him, but he is a little crazy. He isnt quite as bad anymore, I still bear the scars of his...unique...sense of humour, but life was never boring, thats for sure.

So, the judge in Florida has not forced Terry Shaivo's(sp) husband to replace her feeding tube. I know that it's far away, and it's none of my business, but all I have to say is THANK GOD! Let that poor woman die (finally) with some dignity. Watching the news, I have been reminded to make up a living will. If I were ever in that position, I would not want to be kept alive indefinately.

I would like to know who chooses to live in a stupid bloody place like Edmonton. It is still snowing right now, and I hate it. The roads are crummy, it's cold out, and Im a little unhappy.

Baby poo is disgusting stuff. Especially when your baby eats formula. blech.

Sex is fun! I had forgotten that in the last couple of months. Apparantly I have forgiven Ian for what his child did to my poor body.

Well, I need to go battle the roads and pick Ian up from work. D&D tonight, yay! Last week my barbarian killed about 15 hobgoblins, I wonder what I will kill tonight! (gosh Im a geek, arent I?).


Anne R. Key said...

Sorry about Tapeworm, again.

I agree with you about the Schaivo case, I just wish there was a faster and more humane way of letting her die--starving to death is quite awful, I'm sure.


Raven said...

I hope D&D was good for ya. I understand that after a day of baby poo and icky roads, sometimes ya just gotta kill a few goblins (or somesuch) to put the rest of the day in perspective.