Friday, March 18, 2005

The Queens English

Dave posted a while back about stupid internetisms, and I just have to say one thing. I was wandering (virtually) through blogger, and I came accross a blog where the person (who unfortunately, I know) uses Ah. Now, you wouldnt think that Ah would be so iritating, until you realise that he uses it in place of I. Now, think about that...I tried to figure out what would posess someone to do that. Not laziness, it takes more effort to type two characters than one, right? So why? Is it to drive people like me insane? Ah think so. Grr. I dont pretend that my spelling or grammar is flawless, but I like to at the very least attempt to speak and type the Queens English. It really saddens me that the internet seems to be destroying that. I have a little friend who is 9 years old, and I have started ignoring her on MSN. I cant understand a word she types between the abreviations, odd spellings and symbols.

Ians mum gets here sometime tomorow. It's quite exciting, we havnt seen her since our honeymoon, and this will be her first time meeting Mary. If you want to blame anyone for the nasty snowy weather, it can be her. She's from Halifax, so I suspect that mother nature just wanted her to feel at home when she gets here. I heard that it is supposed to snow all weekend now. yay.

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