Friday, March 11, 2005

The Amazing Snot Monster

Wow. For a little person, Mary sure can produce a large amount of snot. Seriously, I could make another baby out of it, I'm sure. We went to her pediatritian yesterday, and he seems relatively unconcerned about her condition, which I guess is a good thing. It's just hard to believe that we have nothing to worry about when Mary is struggling for breath beside me. The other night we called the pediatritian on call, to get some advice, what a jerk. I explained to him the situation, and said that although we had taken her temperature from her armpit, I wasnt sure if she had a fever or not. He proceded to tear into me. "You have a 2 month old baby, and dont even know what a fever is? Maybe you should have read a book or two when you were pregnant!" Well, I had 3 books in front of me at the time, and they all said that a fever is a different thing. He then proceded to tell me that anything over 37 degrees is a fever, and that we should go to the hospital. At the hospital, the nurse took her temperature, and said that 37.4 is a perfectly acceptable temperature, and not a fever at all! Grr. Then the ped yesterday said anything 39 degrees or over we should be concerened about, and we shouldnt be taking her temperature from her armpit at all...we should do it rectally. I think all these health professionals need to get together and have a fever summit.

Last night was BP's, I went without Ian, because he stayed home with the baby. It was nice to get out without her, but I missed her a bit. There was some interesting pre-turn geeking going on, and some funny conversations. " Hey, you know that thing we were going to do? You know, the thing with the item that we needed? Yeah well, I asked that person, no no, not that person, the other one. Yeah...I asked them to help." It was pretty funny with everyone talking in code. Anne is coming along nicely in the evil department. One of the first things she said to me was "I know something about your character that you are going to love!" and then she proceded to giggle, and not give me any more details. Bitch.

On a less happy note, fincances are going very poorly. Groceries are likely not going to be bought this week, or next, aside from forumla and diapers for the baby. We can live on bread, potatos and onions, right? Seriously thinking of selling the house, and moving to Regina, or at the very least going back into renting an appartment. It's nice to have a house we own, but although the mortgage is a bit less than we were paying for rent, the obscene gas/electrical/water bill is ridiculous. It's going to be dificult to clean this damn place up and get it into selling condition though.

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