Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sick babies

Last night we ended up spending several hours in the ER at the Royal Alexandra hospital. It was a highly unpleasant experience for more than one reason, mainly that we were there with a sick baby. The Royal Alex ER has a fascinating cross of people...from young (far too young) mothers with their sick babies, to old homeless men who had the crap kicked out of them, to the drunk snoozing in a wheelchair, to the gentleman who smelled as though he hadnt bathed in about 3 months. Because Mary is a baby, we were put on the "rush" list, which meant that instead of waiting for 6 hours, we only had to wait for 2, before being put into a room to wait another 1.5 hours. I could go into a rant about the state of our helth care here, but Im too tired right now. Eventually we saw a doctor, who checked her out, did an x-ray of her chest, and told us that she has a cold. I felt kind of silly, but I guess it is better to be safe, right? She seems even more stuffed up her sneezing and coughing is worse today, Im not really sure what we ought to do.

I ended my time at the unnamed telecom company today. I am really quite disapointed, I was really enjoying the training, and the job looked really fun. After talking with Ian though, we decided that it just wouldnt work. Even if daycare was only $50 a month, it wouldnt be worth it, and, there doesnt seem to be anyone out there who is willing to take a baby, let alone a baby on saturdays. It makes you wonder how people do it, and it really gives me alot of respect for all the single mothers out there.

My Father is desperate for us to move to Regina, he says that he will help us out, and we will talk about it when we are there for Mary's baptism. I spoke with my Mum today, and she flipped out when I mentioned that to her. She is of the opinion that we should move to Vancouver. I tried to explain to her that we couldnt afford to live there, but she will not listen to sense, especially when it comes to my dad.

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