Saturday, March 05, 2005


Well, I've finally decided to join the crowd, and get a blog. I have too much to say, on too many things to just keep posting comments on Anne's blog. I need a forum to speak my mind, so here it is. Hopefully I'll not fall into lollybloggerdom like many have before me. You know, it's odd, I had so much to say, and you think I can think of anything witty? Nope.

Let's see. I suppose I can talk about my life, things are happening there. Ian and I are having a difficult time right now financially. His work blows goats, and take such horrible advantage of him that it is getting ridiculous. It is time for him to move on, but unfortunately, we are fairly certain he would have to take a relatively large paycut if he leaves. We can hardly live on what he is making now, so a paycut would be a disaster. Anyways, I have started a new job with a large telecom company who shall remain nameless, and although the pay is good, I dont want to work full time just yet, as childcare is quite expensive. The thought of someone else looking after my baby 35 hours a week makes me ill. Needless to say, whatever decision we make, we will definately have to make some big changes. Maybe get rid of the car? No more cable and internet (whimper)...who knows.

Well, thats it for my first post, Mary is screaming for something. I cant wait till she can speak, and tell me exactly what it is she wants. urg.

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