Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My baby speaks Klingon

Yesterday, while watching Star Trek TNG, I realised that the reason I cannot understand what Mary wants is that she speaks Klingon, and I do not. I am not sure that I know how to rectify this problem, if I learn to speak Klingon to communicate with her, some people may accuse me of being a geek, which is obviously not the truth. I suppose I will just have to deal with her shrieking at me on occasion, I really dont want to know what rude names she is calling me anyways.

Dave recieved an email from the Purgatory organizer inbox the other day accusing him and the other organizers of "being a bit of a game Nazis." Firstly, anyone whose grammar is that terrible really doesnt deserve being taken seriously (Im not saying my grammar is perfect, but come on!), second, if you dont like the game, have the balls to come out and say so. I will admit that I have had my share of problems with Purgatory, but you cant please everyone, right? Yes, there are parts of the game which are scripted, but I really dont think that things could progress properly without a bit of that stuff. Anyways, my point here is, if you dont like the game, quit, and if you do...well, maybe we all ought to take a moment out and tell the organizers that we are enjoying ourselves. People tend to be alot louder when they complain, and it's time for that to change.

Scott is cancelling his Angels game. Sigh. Thats really too bad, but I guess Im not surprised. He is such a busy guy, and seems to be doing really well at the DJ thing. Im a little disapointed as I just got back into it, and there was the potential for lots of cool stuff to happen to my character, but oh well. Real life is more important for some people.

Uh oh, I hear Klingon curses coming from the bedroom, better go see what my little warrior wants now.


Raven said...

I remember when my babes spoke Klingon. I even have a Klingon/English dictionary, and I still can't figure out what names they were calling me. I think it may have been a local dialect issue, or something.

Anne R. Key said...