Thursday, June 09, 2005

A day in the life...

Last night Mary went to sleep at 9. It was great, or at least, we thought it was. Sleeping baby, and two very awake parents means getting some, right? So, of course, thats what happened. Then, Mary woke up at midnight, shortly after the getting had been got. No sleep for me yet. Thats okay, though, right. So, she yelled for a while, and I waited to see if she would fall back asleep, but no luck. I got her out of bed, fed her and changed her, and she chatted to herself till about 1:30. It wasnt too bad, she was making pretty cute noises through the monitor, and cute noises are infinately better than loud screams. The cute noises started up again at 5 am. Not so cute, after only 3 hours of sleep, thats for sure. Again, I waited to see if she would fall asleep, but alas, the cute noises got less cute, and more shrill. So, I got her up, changed the poopy diaper, fed her, and lay her down on the bed between Ian and I. She finally fell asleep as Ian was getting up for work at 6:15. 7 am. Skip the cute noises and move straight to screaming. Yikes. So, I changed her diaper, and discovered that in ONE HOUR she has developed a diaper rash so bad that it's bleeding. How the hell did she manage that?? Anyways, I cleaned her up, and put some diaper rash stuff on her sore little bum. Poor baby. After that she slept from about 8 - noon, and so did I, which really redeemed her, and made me love her again. Right now she is being super cute on the couch, holding on to her feet and telling them stories.

So, this is my life. Baby poops, I clean it. Baby wants to eat, I feed her. Baby wants to be held, I hold her. Baby screams, I try desperately to guess what it is that she needs so eventually, I might be able to comfort her. That could really my daily blog entry.

I need a life.


Anonymous said...

I would be more than willing to pencil you in for a time when I could offer an large assortmentof objects to toss at your husband.

Excitment comes in so many forms. SOme people pay for stuff like this and I offer for free!

Deal of the Week

L. Rock

Emmett said...

It sounds like you're playing the Sims2 and you have the little infant... the one where you have no idea what its needs are at because you can't see its bars like you can with everyone else, so you just have to guess and wait for the screaming.
They are cute, though. Especially when you toss them up in the air playfully and they vomit all over you.