Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The other day, I decided I need a job. It was mostly because I have very little to speak with my friends who aren't parents about anymore. On Saturday night we were hanging out before Cori's Kingdom Come game started, and I felt really out of place. People were talking about their work, and all I had to talk about was Mary. Then I realized, hey, taking care of Mary is my job, and more than that, it's my second and third job too. I think that it is really strange that people are perfectly okay when their friends talk/complain about their jobs, but when I, or any other mother tries to talk about their baby, people get all uncomfortable, roll their eyes, and walk away. I found a website talking about how Mothers who blog are selfish and whiney, but no one writes articles specifically about people who blog about their job. Weird.

Anyways, Broken Wings was terribly fun on Saturday, as usual. My evil angel is getting ready to blow up, I think. Between her cold fish boyfriend, and people messing with her cult, she is not a happy camper.

Purgatory is coming up this Friday, yay! We do have a problem though, so far, Ian and I have been unable to find childcare for the night. It is going to be a warzone around here if we have to decide which one of us gets to stay home with the baby. It is getting very close to the end game, and lots of exciting stuff is happening. We will probably judge it by our turns as to who gets to stay home, but I really hope it doesn't come to that.

Fathers day was nice. Ian, Mary and I went out (instead of housework, we are a family of expert procrastinators) for the day. We went to Rona, and I bought Ian a laser level and a measuring tape, then we went to a restaurant for lunch, and finished up with some grocery shopping. Since Mary came along, our grocery bill has almost doubled! In the evening, G & K came over for a nice fire in our lovely little fire pit, and a beer. All in all it was a lovely day. Yesterday Ian did the dishes without me nagging too! So far this week has been pretty good.

D&D at G & K's place tonight. I love G's game, as my barbarian is super cool, and nearly invincible. It's really fun to play a big, dumb, beautiful thug!


Eman said...

People can realte to other people with jobs because we all have to work. Not everyone has a child though, and baby stories usually end up with something being secreted.

What you need to do is slant your stoires so that people can relate. For example: "I started work at 5:00 a.m. this morning, and my boss was throwing a fit. Nothing satisfied her. Then we had a power lunch catered by Gerber."

See everyone can relate to an troublesome boss story.

Eman said...

I'm dyslexic and I cannot type.

Emmett said...

That would have been funnier if you'd said you cannot tpye.

Anonymous said...

Why not take Mary with you?

Ara has gone more than a little wrong and instead of a doll you find a human child to play with as your doll. You can be there AND wrap her into your story into something REALLY creepy.
Don't know if that helps, but I like both of you and the thought of seeing the fireball from my window friday night doesn't appeal. :)

Leaha's Rock

Shani said...

Leah, you're so EVIL!!!!