Thursday, June 30, 2005

Proud to be Canadian, but perhaps not so proud to be from Alberta

Well, as I said before, gay marriage (I always feel silly using the word gay...till I was about 16 I didn't realize it meant anything other than happy) has been legislated as okay here in Canada. Today on the local news though, they were telling a different story. In the last 2 weeks, there have been 2 attacks against gay men in the city, one in the middle of the day, in a very public place. People are wondering if it has anything to do with the opinion of the provincial government towards gay marriage. Do you think? King Ralph has said flat out that he will make any gay people who want to get married take the province to court, before he gives them a license. I guess he is counting on the fact that a lot of people will not be willing to go through the difficulty and expense of a court battle. What a great way to spend our provincial surplus! Education, healthcare, even roads, pah! We need to stop those gays from getting married, and while you're at it, beat one or two of em up to make sure they know how unwelcome they are here in our lovely, wealthy, rednecked province! Sigh.

Mary turned 6 months today, I will probably write about it tomorrow. Today my head hurts, my sinuses feel like they're going to explode, my throat burns, and my heart is sick from watching the news. At least she gives me something to hope for.

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