Sunday, July 03, 2005

Six months and more

Well, Mary hit the 6 months of life mark on Thursday. She had her regularly scheduled doctors appointment the day before, and I am happy to report that she is now 17lb 4oz, and 27 inches long. She has nearly doubled her birth weight, and let me tell you, it sure feels like it when you're packing her around the house. She hit a couple of milestones this months, she can now roll over both ways, although she rarely does, cause she hates it. I suppose if I left her, she would roll back over onto her back, but, I don't, the minute she starts screaming, I flip her back over onto her back where she is happy. I am such an enabler. She has always despised being on her belly with a burning passion, and the few times that she has rolled over, she has gotten very very angry. She also sits up, and although she cant pull herself to a sitting position, she tries, very hard, over and over and over, I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

She has been getting pretty cranky in the evenings, the doctor says that her teeth are right there under the gums, and we should see them any day now, which is quite exciting, I guess. Especially if it ends the misery of teething for a little while. She isn't too bad during the day, but nights are a chore. We have so many things that we do in the evening too, I suspect we are going to have to cut down our social calendar pretty soon. She still doesn't have a routine for bedtime, because she often goes to bed so late, and I would really like to change that.

What else...oh yes, solid foods. We tried rice cereal, and she got terribly constipated, so we tried a wheat cereal, and apparently she has a sensitivities to wheat, when she ate that, her eczema got so bad that it made me itch. We tried sweet potatoes, which she thought were poison, I gave those up when she started flinching every time she saw a spoon. Now we are trying a barley cereal, which seems to be going okay. She still refuses to open her mouth for the spoon, but I am determined, and bigger than she is. I can do this, right?

We start swimming lessons tomorrow, which I am very excited about. I suspect the first few will be a lot of screaming, and not a lot of fun, but I am determined that she will not be like her father, and she will actually enjoy swimming. When I phoned about the lessons the first time, the girl I spoke too told me that yes indeed there is a swimming class for babies 6-18 months, but I really should know that it is a parented lesson, and I would need to be there. Really? I thought they would just throw 10 babies into the water with a teenaged instructor, and see who is still kicking at the end of the 30 minute lesson.

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