Monday, July 04, 2005

The long weekend and more

So, the last several days have been busy ones, I suppose. Last Thursday, the sinus cold which had been threatening really kicked into high gear. Sweet Baboo came home a couple of times during the day to check on Mary and I, to make sure that I hadn't passed out and she wasn't starving because of it. Luckily, Mary was feeling a little under the weather that day too, so we both got lots of sleep throughout the day. That night, Ian had to work late as it was month end, so Mary and I watched football and drank beer. We missed BP's, and honestly, although it is nice to see all our friends, it was a really nice quiet evening at home. (Note : CFL football, another thing I would miss if I got rid of the TV.)

Friday was Canada day. We all got up relatively early, and had a fantastic day. We took the bus downtown, and went to city hall. I took Mary to a petting zoo (no, it was not for me, although I did touch all the animals!), and she seemed to enjoy it, especially when a pot bellied pig nibbled on her toes. There was a little goat laying in the middle of the fenced off area sleeping so hard, that I thought it was dead. Anyways, after that, we wandered around the wading pools for a while, and then decided to take the LRT down to the University. We had a lovely walk from the University all the way up Whyte avenue. We looked at all the odd people, and I gave money to a couple of panhandlers. I swear, they can tell that I am a soft touch.

On the LRT a fellow who looked down on his luck came over and asked us about the baby. He told us he has two kids, and he loves them very much. I felt so bad for him, it was obvious that he was separated from his wife, and didn't see his babies anymore. We also thought that he was wearing everything he owned on his back. I wanted to invite him over to our house for supper, but Ian wouldn't let me. Really, Ian is a good influence for me, if it were up to me, I would be inviting the prostitutes down the street over for tea. I have a hard time in this neighbourhood, I wish I could do more for all the people (and there are lots of them around here) who are down on their luck.

Anyways, after a long day of walking around, we went out with G&K to celebrate both Mary and K's half-birthdays. Then we went back to their place, watched more football, ate cake, and watched the fire works from their balcony. All in all, it was a lovely day.

Saturday, nothing really happened. We went to play D&D, and stayed up far too late.

Sunday I slept in, and wasn't feeling great again. We went to Rona and bought ant poison and a doorbell, and then went grocery shopping. When we got home, I suddenly felt much better, and very industrious. I cleaned up the baby's room, and the living room (which was a HUGE mess), while Ian put up the new doorbell, and the baby gate. Our house is presentable enough to have people over again! I must invite someone quickly before it gets messy again...

This morning, Mary had her first swimming lesson! It was great fun, and she did so well, I am very proud of her. She is the youngest in her class by about a year, the class is for 6 - 24 months, so there is a huge variation in the abilities of the students. There was one little girl, about 2 years old, and her mother kept going "See! That baby isn't crying! That baby is doing what her mummy says!" Really, Mary is little enough that she doesn't know that she should be protesting. I felt bad for the little girl though, her mother also kept dunking her head under the water to get her used to it, then when the little girl would sputter and cough, she would tell her that it served her right for not holding her breath. yikes. I am looking forward to the lesson tomorrow though, it should be fun!


Anne R. Key said...

Ummm...what that mother is doing is borderline abuse. I'd like to take her out, maybe hold her head under the water for a few hours and see if it serves her right to hold her breath. Stupid, sanctimonious bitch.

Emmett said...

Yeah, but if I had a kid, I'd randomly kick his legs out from under him on a daily basis. It might be borderline abuse, but it's far better preparation for life than anything else he'd learn from me.

I mean... you're in a pool of water, right? Hold your breath, for crissakes. Even at two years old you should have figured out by now that you're mom's a bitch and you're bound to get dunked.

But my tolerance for children may be lower than some.

JSM said...

Sounds like something my mother would have done.

About opening your home to those in need-I think that's great. Yeah, people are unpredictable-use your judgement, expect things to be "borrowed" and so on. You're doing so much more than you realise just by acknowledging they are human, by engaging in conversation.