Saturday, July 30, 2005

On Sensitivity

A while back, when we were first introducing Mary to the concept of solid foods, we discovered to our dismay that she has a sensitivity to wheat. As her pediatritian put it, a sensitivity is an allergy we hope she will outgrow, usually by her first birthday. So, unless we want a seriously rashy baby, we do not feed Miss Mary anything with wheat in it until she is a year old. Simple, right? Well, last week we bought some jarred baby foods to feed her. We got some of the mixed stuff for babies over 6 months, and I decided to give it a try. I could not understand why on earth her eczema got so bad overnight. I hadn't given her any wheat...Or had I? I looked at the food that I had given her, and saw that I was feeding her a puree of vegetables and pasta. Pasta. Pasta, which is usually made of wheat. Sigh. As soon as I stopped, her eczema when back to normal, which is bad, but not horrifying. I guess I wont be getting the Mummy of the year award this time around.

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Raven said...

Don't beat yourself up over it, Jenn. I've discovered just how pervasive wheat is, while dealing with Connor's gluten sensitivity. Wheat hides everywhere in North American cuisine! Vitamins, soy-sauce, ketchups, baked beans, fruit purees, potato chips, candies... you have to check ingredients like mad.
I think I've been on the "world's worst mother list" a few times too. And yet, after the rash is gone, we all go on living...