Monday, July 18, 2005

A concern

So, I am seriously thinking about shutting this blog down. Mr. Marx (hahaha, isnt he funny?) has taken several of my posts, going all the way back to the conception of this blog, and put them on his own blog, along with pictures of Ian, Mary and I. He took comments I made out of context, and to be honest, I am really bothered by what he has done. A friend of mine equated it to cyber-stalking. Now, I should probably not be surprised or upset by this, right? I mean, I have been putting personal information and pictures on the web for a while now. What bothers me is that I chose to put that stuff where I put it, and if I still have a modicum of control over that information. I can shut down my blog if I want. Mr. Marx has stolen my information, and pictures without even a by your leave, and that really really bothers me. It bothers Dave too, who was also one of Mr. Marx's (did I mention how clever and ironic his chosen name is?) targets. It bothers Dave so much that he has shut down his blog for good. I dont know if Anne and Janet have seen the blog, they too were victims of this funny little joke. One of the things that bothers me the most is that this person is likely someone we know, and speak too. Whoever it is has also justified his actions by calling it a "social experiment." Right. Keep your experiment away from me and my family, asshole.


Raven said...

Who is this Marx person? I hadn't heard of him/it before. Sucks that he's taking people's stuff - obviously someone who doesn't have enough creativity on his own if he has to leach off other people's lives.
Also sucks that Dave took his blog down - it was good reading. Thanks for posting about it, tho, 'cuz i wouldn't even have known why dave's blog went offline otherwise.
I enjoy reading your blog, btw, and would miss it if it disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Aye, that makes two of us. WTF?! I wish I had a hacker on line to remove his stench from the Net. Sorry to hear YOu might take yours down too. :(

Emmett said...

I have a whole bunch of people who know my name in an entirely different context, though, via work. I decided I really didn't feel comfortable with how open I had been, not only with my own identity but with those of my friends.

The stuff you talk about is pretty innocuous and none of it can be used to harm you. Still, for me seeing all that information collated and laid out... even though I had revealed all of it willingly... cast it in a sinister and very creepy light. Somebody actually went through all that trouble, it was chilling. I didn't like it and I felt exposed, and if it was Mr. Marx's intention to creep me out and "teach me a lesson", then mission accomplished. I feel bad that I've given him that power, but then I should have been more careful in the first place.

Shani said...

I had sent an email to Blogger aka Google late last night, where they state that they have people on 24 hours a day, I asked what could be done about the site, mentioned Canada, mentioned FOIPP,mentioned the feeling that we were all being stalked essentially, but more specically those that were blatantly targeted, mentioned that a childs photo had been used without parental permission.

I received an auto response immediately, which I replied to, as specified.

I got a further response from a real live person within an hour of that, and they said that they would be "looking into it immediately" and that they "wanted to insure that FOIPP was being observed" and that "while we cannot control the content of all blogs, we can investigate any complaints and take further action based on those investigations".

The blog was gone within two hours. I don't know if it was my email that did it, but I would like to think that Blogger aka Google would respond in such a fashion to such an obvious breach of FOIPP and to something that is extremely stalkerish.