Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday baby blogging

We like to call her Mark when she is dressed in this sleeper. It is the only time I will accept people telling me how handsome my little man is. When she isnt wearing this, she can be found in pink, frilly, extremely girly outfits. Posted by Picasa


Rodicon said...

Here's a question:

If people can sit there say 'ooooh! she looks just like her mother!' or in a grave, knowing voice 'He has his father's nose.", how in the world can you not tell if it's a girl or a boy unless it's in pink or blue?

Goody said...

Gosh, all I can think of is she has a sippy-cup on a white sofa! Baby+Sippy cup+white sofa=I hope it's not grape juice.

Jenn said...

Rodicon, that's the point, even when Mary is dressed in a pink, frilly dress, people always comment on my handsome little boy. It drives me bonkers!

Goody, it's water in the sippy-cup, not that she drinks from it. She just looks at it in irritation, and puts it off the couch. I keep it close to her in the hopes that one day she will just pick it up and start drinking.

Rodicon said...

*lol* all I looked like at the age was a small hairless mouse, and to find out that I look like my grandmother, not my parents.

pomedome said...

Hi there. I'm not with a baby at this time. My son is 19, so far so good. I found you in the comments at "F-16's don't kill..." You have a nice and humorous writing style.
Also..what a cute "kid" you have.
I was bald as a cueball and the first son after four girls. I think Mom would have bristled at me being called she. Still calls me little man... Thanks for sharing. -Jerry