Monday, June 12, 2006

All For Anne

As Anne R. Key pointed out in my comments, it is Monday, and I have not blogged.

I know.

I really haven't much to talk about right now. I've been sick (again) and I have only left the house once since Friday evening. So there. Mary isn't sick yet, but it's coming, I can tell. Today she was incredibly crabby and wouldn't let me not hold her, except for when she didn't want to be held. Then she stood on the floor and sobbed miserably. It's possible that she's as tired of this house as I am.

Does anyone know if I can buy a new immune system on Ebay? I'm getting real tired of this defective piece of garbage that I've got, and according to my doctor, it'll likely only get worse.

The Oilers lost tonight. That means they only have to loose one more game and hockey will be done till fall.

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Anne R. Key said...

Thank ye, thank ye very much.