Thursday, June 01, 2006

Timing is Everything

Yesterday morning we got up extra early to take Moustapha to the airport. I was feeling pretty run down, but it was understandable. I hadn't slept very well. Mary and I got home and played in the front yard for a while, and she went down for a nap around 10:30. By Noon I was shivering, and my head was killing me. I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I crawled in to bed. At three, I finally woke to find Mary playing quietly in her crib (thank God). I did not feel any better, as a matter of fact, I felt worse. My stomach hurt, all my muscles and joints ached, I was shivering, I had these nasty electric shock feelings every time my skin touched anything including my clothes, and I had a splitting head ache. By five I wanted to die. Mary was obviously not feeling great either, she hardly ate any supper at all, all she wanted to do was cuddle, and she was in bed asleep by 6:30, and I followed at around 7:30.

Today was much of the same, only with a later wake up time, no airport, and some grocery shopping. Oh yeah, and some really nasty toilet business and emesis for me. I do feel a wee bit better tonight, I don't want to die right now, which is a nice change. I have been drinking Pedialyte to keep myself hydrated due to the above mentioned toilet business. Have you ever tasted that crap? Nasty nasty stuff. I gag every time I drink it, but it is apparantly better for me than Dr. Pepper, so I'm going to be a trooper and keep it up. I do keep thinking that it might just be easier to drink plain old water, but oh well.

Anyways, wish me luck getting over this nasty bug, I think that I might need it.


Goody said...

Recipe for homemade replenishing drink (not suitable for children, but works great for adults).
Mix a pitcher of fruit flavoured drink mix like kool aid (don't use actual fruit juice as that will make things worse) and add 1/2 teaspoon Morton Lite Salt (it's a potasium based salt substitute similar to what they use in Gatorade). Way cheaper.

We used to make gallons of this stuff when I was doing my fieldwork. Hope you're both feeling better soon.

OK, now I have to tell a horrible joke. Gatorade was developed as a sports drink at a university and named for their team the Gators. There was a competing drink by a team in Florida-but they were having a difficult time marketing it due to the name of their team. Somehow, no one wanted to drink "Seminole Fluid."

Cori Quite Contrary said...

Get better soon! Very soon, as I would miss you horribly on Saturday.

. said...
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