Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea...

I'm begining to think that the "Big Girl Bed" was not such a good idea. Currently, Mary is in her bedroom going "Whee!" about something, and occasionally banging on her door. I know she's tired, she fell asleep in the car on the way home from IKEA, so why won't she sleep?

Anyways, this is the scene that greeted me after nap time this afternoon. The pink thing that she is in is a doll crib given to us by our friends S & A a while back. Other than her being trapped in the doll crib, the mess is pretty much what I see every morning and after nap time. When does this phase end, anyways?

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Goody said...

Argh, here too-without the doll bed, of course.

You've likely already thought of this, but you might want to remove the diaper pail from Mary's room at bedtime.

So far, Danny's slept on the floor for a week now. He takes great care to tuck-in his stuffed animals though. Every morning I find him on the floor and blue bear snuggled in bed with a blanket.

Those are fantastic photographs-she's going to love you for taking them in a few years.

Emmett said...

I swear I would duct tape those drawers shut before I would put up with my kid rummaging through them twice when they were supposed to be sleeping.

But, then, I probably would have pointed and laughed if they got themselves stuck in a tiny crib. "You got in there, sweetie, now get yo punk ass out! Haw haw!"

I dunno. Maybe it's a German thing.

Anne R. Key said...

Must be, cuz I'm laughing too.

I wanna be MC at her wedding...

Raven said...

In my experience, this phase last 3 - 6 months.
(Not very encouraging, is it?)
We learned after our first experience to reduce and/or lock down most of the messables in the room. Our strategy involved placing things up on high shelves, and liberal use of appliance latches (also called toilet latches) to secure all drawers/toychests/ closets. Those were awesome, since it also kept our kids from making a mess 3 minutes after we cleaned for company to come over.

Kristeen said...

Saoirse's "dresser" is two of those funky shelves from Ikea that look like steps. They have bins that pull out. Pull out REALLY EASILY. You get the idea!