Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I'm sorry, it's been a while since I posted here. The miserable stinking heat has sucked the life and energy right out of me. I realized this week that while I enjoy 30+ degree heat while in Puerto Rico sitting on the beach or by the pool, I don't much like it here when real life has to continue on. Mary's not dealing well with the heat either, she's more miserable than I am, and it takes even less than usually to get her whining and shrieking in frustration. She is also sweating buckets, it's unreal how icky and wet she is after her nap. She also desperately wants cuddles from me, and gets extremely annoyed because I'm just as hot as she is. So she spends her entire time being held by me whining, squirming, and giving me extremely dirty looks.

You can see a picture here of Mary playing with her big pink ball. I leave her balls outside every night, but I bring them close to the house. Our yard is fully fenced, and I always assumed that would be enough to keep what was within safe. Not so, my friends. On Monday night, at some point in the night, someone came in too my yard, and stole Marys big pink ball. I am really bothered by this, not only because Mary loved that ball, and now it's gone (it'll cost $3.99 to replace), but it is the fact that someone came through my gate or over the fence, right up to my front steps to steal a ball. Right under my bedroom window. I suppose it's my own fault for leaving things out in the yard and assuming that people would leave them alone.


Goody said...

What if it was...BEARS?!

I'd stock up on the spray if I were you.

Eman said...

That was me. Sorry. I was jealous, and I really wanted a pink ball too.

...Or maybe it was bears.

Anne R. Key said...

My father's girlfriend put that ball right up her patchikaka...

I'm really sorry.