Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beer and Popcorn!

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely evening. I did not spend the evening weeping in front of the television with toast and a 40 oz bottle of Coconut Rum. Raven was smart enough to see that my post yesterday was a desperate passive aggressive plea for someone to drag me out of my stinky hot little house. So drag me away she did. I had a lovely family supper where the children outnumbered the adults, and then Ravens wonderful husband looked after Mary (who apparently cried the entire time) while a few of us went for a swim.

In the mail yesterday I got my first $100.00 family blah-de-blah cheque from the Harper government. I stifled the urge to immediately head out to buy beer and popcorn, I decided to save it for when Ian gets home, so we can enjoy a hundred dollars worth of beer together.

Speaking of Ian, he gets home on Thursday! Eep. I'm delighted and excited, but as I've said before, I'm also nervous and anxious. The house is a mess, and when Ian gets home I know that he's going to screw with my routine. I despise change, and Ian coming home is a big one. Of course he will leave right when I've finally gotten used to him being around, and it'll be another miserably stressful change too.


Raven said...

Yay for Ian coming home! Yay for beer and popcorn money, too!
Hey - if you want to have someone sit Mary so you can do whatever pre-Ian stuff needs doing, I'd be cool with that.
It was fun having you over last night, by the way. The 7th Sea scrowd is already talking about having you over for further adventuring.

Eman said...

Who's this Ian, and what happened to that Moustapha?

Anonymous said...

Thank you E-man!