Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeah...


I'm still alive...just lazy. Very very lazy.

I had some fun social times since last I posted. Last thursday I went to R & S's appartement. It was a delightful time, R made his wonderful lasagne for all of us and we watched Batman Begins while Z went crazy playing Starwars on the computer and guzzling more coke than a nine year old boy should ever have access too. Friday night I went over to Ravens place, and we had a lovely time. There was a point where we had a 5, 4, 3, and 2 year old, as well as Mary and two 8 month old babies on feeding tubes. It was INSANE for a while, and all the grownups were exhausted when the children went to thier various beds. After everyone went to bed we played a rousing game of "Betrayel in the House on the Hill," after which comprimising pictures were taken.

Saturday I didn't have a baby. Mary went to Ian's aunt and uncles place at 5 that evening, and I did not need to pick her up till 10:30 the next morning. After a rocky start (I burst into tears at a red light when I looked into the back seat and saw the lack of a carseat), the night went wonderfully. It was Cori and J's Arthurian game, and I was up to no good, as usual. As always it was a fantastic time playing in the legend and altering things to our own liking.

Sunday I visited Anne R. Key and the Dauntless Janet for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Mary was relatively well behaved and happy, which is always nice. Anne gave us a CD that she made for Mary called "Songs in Celebration of Mary and her Magnicifant Melon." They sent me home with a container full of fantastic Indian rice pudding full of saffron. Yum.

Monday I had a headache. All. Day. Long. At around 11 in the morning I lay down on my bed and just let Mary roam around the house and watch tv. I must have fallen asleep, and when I woke up, Mary had moved all the stuff on the floor beside the bed (yes, I'm a slob), dragged two blankets in from her bedroom, curled up and fallen asleep. What a strange little creature. She could have crawled up onto the bed with me, or gone to her own bed, but she chose the floor.

Well, speaking of being a slob, Mary is napping right now, so I think that I'm going to try to get some laundry and dishes finished.

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