Monday, July 24, 2006

Two years ago today...

...I got married. I believe I shall celebrate it by spending the day alone in my stinking hot little house with a screaming toddler. Tonight I will watch Casanova all by myself. I may do some laundry. For supper I will have toast.

Last night I dreamed that Mary had a fever of 43 degrees, and was hallucinating. I took her to the children's hospital and was surprised to find that a very handsome friend of mine who I always thought worked for a that computer game company was actually a pediatrician. He came in, looked at Mary, and then the dream suddenly morphed into something a wee bit more naughty on a space ship. Then my D&D group wandered in. It was very odd.

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Goody said...

Awww, well Happy Anniversary. I love the fact that you're having toast. Wait, stop. I'm having a calypso moment...I've gotta sing:

Drink, drink this toast
drink this wedding toast
drink, drink this toast,
to the ones we love the most.

Will their love be like his rum?
Yes it will, yes it will
intoxicating all night long
yes it will, yes it will.

Will her cooking be the best?
Yes it will, yes it will.
Pop the buttons off his vest
yes it will, yes it will,

Drink, drink this toast,
Drink this wedding toast
drink, drink this toast
to the ones we love the most.

So by this comment you should be able to tell two things:
1). I'm full of pain medication and muscle relaxants(yes, I'm under a doctor's supervision, it's not recreational).
2). Danny's had me listening to Harry Belafonte records all day.

But seriously, best wishes and many, many more happy anniversaries, hopefully in closer proximity to each other.