Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Life?

Well, it still hasn't snowed, or even rained, but this morning when I woke up the temperature in the house was only 27. It felt almost arctic in here!

I have likely spoken about this before, but I really need a life, or at the very least, a bit more of a life than I have now. I find that I have very little to talk about other than Mary, the few games that I play, and the fact that I need a life. It's really starting to bother me, and I imagine the people I talk to spend a lot of time rolling their eyes behind my back.

Last night I got out of the house for the second night in a row! Yay! Mary and I headed over to Rico and Scott's lovely downtown apartment after a very long day of crying and not napping. Mary went to sleep in her playpen right away, and I enjoyed a beer, a movie on their giant TV, and some excellent adult company. I may start harassing them more often to spend time over there, this house and the lack of adult conversation is starting to turn my brain to mush (starting? hah, it's already well on it's way).

Life with Miss Mary isn't all bad, mind you. She has been awfully crabby and demanding in this heat wave, but she's still pretty darned cute, and she gives such wonderful wet kisses that it just melts my heart. And oh my god, when she says uh-oh...well, the cuteness factor is just out of control. I guess I just wish that I could get a break from being the sole caregiver from time to time. I am awfully lonely still, but I am learning to lean on my friends more and more, and they are a huge help.

Speaking of which, the house that is next door to my Mums house in Abbotsford (a town in the Fraiser Valley, about 30 minutes east of Vancouver) is empty and going up for rent, and it's really cheap for that area of the world. I have always said that I wanted to live around B.C., and as soon as my Mum found out, she called me and started harassing me about moving out there. I always thought that if I had the opportunity I would jump at it, all my family except my dad lives in and around Vancouver and living next door to Mum would have added benefits, like a built in babysitter. I told my Mum no though, I don't really want to leave Edmonton. As much as I would love to live closer to Mum, I don't want to leave my friends behind. I have more friends in Edmonton than I ever have in my life, and they are such a wonderful eclectic group, I just can't imagine finding another group of people that are anywhere near as fantastic. After I told Mum how I felt, she was disappointed, but she took it fairly well. I also realized that I've not seen my friends enough since having Miss Mary, and that's something I'd like to fix also. Emmett offered up his cool basement in the comments yesterday, and I believe I shall take him up on his offer (next week, my dad's in town today and for the weekend). I'm going to try to start contacting people more often too, instead of just sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

Anyways, Zoboomafoo is on TV now, and Mary is whining for my presence, so I guess I should quit rambling and pay attention to my child! Wish me luck for naptime today!


Emmett said...

Yay! Visit from Jenn!

Goody said...

Hey, I just had a in-laws live in Seattle. We should try to coordinate visiting our relatives so that maybe we could meet halfway (at the famed "Peace Arch" or something).

Of course, I'd have to drive as I'm likely on the "No-Fly list" by now.

Seriously though, I was thinking of imposing myself on the folks around Easter. Anyway, something to think about.

Cori Quite Contrary said...

That is an excellent idea.