Thursday, July 20, 2006


Why is it that when I sit there, available and trying to play with her, Mary ignores me. I chase her around, I hang out with her, I try to play with her, and nothing. But the moment I sit down at the computer, or I try to do the dishes, or God forbid I use the toilet, she's howling and screaming. Demanding my complete attention. Climbing into my lap, hitting anything that I'm holding or using and shoving it away. Is this my life, to sit there, motionless in a chair, doing nothing, getting nothing accomplished, bored to tears, just in case the little tyrant deems me worthy of her attention?


Goody said...


I figure it's at least ten years before I get an uninterrupted trip to the loo.

Anne R. Key said...


All's I'm sayin'...

Cuz Janet's like that, too, and I have to be very firm sometimes.