Thursday, February 08, 2007

Google is my midnight lover.

Wow, is it already Thursday? Where has the week gone? Between the screaming tantrums and the adorableness, time has flown by.

Let's see if I can remember highlites of the week. Hmm. Saturday was T's Kingdom Come game, which was lovely and angsty as usual. My characters evil lover had shown up for the first time in a long time, so I spent a lot of time alternately joyful that he was there and despising myself for loving such an evil evil man. After the game we all went to BP's to hang out, and I got to go too (I really do have an excellent husband). My favourite moment was when we were sitting at a table waiting for our meals, and T and I got to talking about the lack of women in our group of friends who are willing to get pregnant. T carried on the conversation by saying, and I quote, "The problem with the world is that only the really stupid people are breeding, all the smart women don't get pregnant." As soon as the words popped out of his mouth he turned red, and looked, well, defeated. I just sat there smirking and rubbing my very pregnant belly. It's a good thing I'm not sensitive...

Sunday was the Superbowl, which we watched over at G & K's place. It was an intensely boring football game, but the halftime show was pretty great. Prince! He sang, and danced, and talked, and played his oh so phallic guitar. There was one point where he was playing a guitar shaped like his symbol from behind a sheet that was all backlit and stuff, and I couldn't help snorting with laughter at the image. I was really quite surprised that the American puritans didn't make more of a fuss about it. Of course, I could just have a dirty mind.

Hmm. Monday was a Very Bad Day. Mary's language issues are becomming more and more dificult and frustrating for the both of us. She spent a couple of hours in the afternoon alternately screaming with rage and sobbing pathetically. She wanted something from me, but I couldn't figure out what it was. By time Ian got home, I was empathizing with women who shake their babies and was close to tears myself. The Raven rescued me by taking me out for tea at Timmies.

Tuesday was D&D. Yay! It was the first session in a new campaign that Ian is running, and it looks to be quite fun. We didn't do much because T was unable to attend, but so far so good. We have two very dour boys, a dwarf and an ugly elf, and K and I are playing a pair of much more joyful girls, a gnome (K's character) and a beautiful elf. It will be interesting to see how T's human fits into the mix.

Wednesday was yesterday, right? Let me think. Another day full of communication issues and temper tantrums (really the tantrums arent that bad, and she really makes up for it by the adorableness that comes before and after the fits). Ian is working in Camrose now, so I had no idea when he would be home, but was geared up not to see him till quite late. I ended up taking Mary to Ravens place, as it was my night to babysit her kids, but instead her husband watched Mary so that R and I could go meet Guy Gavriel Kay! Yay! It was very exciting for me, I've read all of his books except for the newest one many many many times that they are all falling apart. I was really quite impressed by him. Kay is just a little man, kinda geeky looking and he talks like the priest from "The Princess Bride." It must take a whole lot of nerve for him to get up and talk to crowds of people and read from his books, but he did admirably, was very friendly when I met him to sign my book, and seemed like a generally neat kinda guy who can write a fantastic book. Also, I got my first good look at Simon of Simian Farmer fame (I link to his blog on the side). I was standing right behind him in line to get my book signed, and I knew that I recognized him from somewhere, though I didn't realize who he was till he was talking to Guy Kay. I nearly said hello, but was overcome with such a crippling wave of shyness I had to go hide as far away as I could. I mean, Simon is so cool, one of the big kids really, I knew that I would just stammer and blush, possibly giggle like a teenager and generally make an ass of mysellf.

And that brings us to today. This morning has so far been very pleasant. Mary and I got up early (at 9, aren't I lucky to have a child who likes to sleep in?), ate our breakfast and headed out to Sherwood Park to meet up with Raven and her brood. We went to an indoor playground. It was extremely crowded, but lots of fun, and we lasted about an hour before we needed to go. Mary didn't really play, she just dragged me around and looked at all the kids. She's terribly shy around other children, but I think that next time she may wander a little farther from my side. On the way home we stopped at Starbucks for a Chai latte and a snack, and now she is "napping" in her bedroom with all her stuffed animals. I shall sit quietly and start my new book while thinking about how I ought to be doing laundry or dishes.


JSM said...

The American Puritains are ok with phallic symbols as this is a patriarchy. Women's nipples are much, much too intimidating though.

JSM said...

I have a prank link up at the sight, but it is startling. I didn't want you to click it and go into early labour or something so I deliberately warned you away from it in the post.

Simon said...

Dear Jenn,

Can you please tell my wife how cool I am? Puh-leeze? I start talking about my unhealthy love of a nicely weighted d20 and my chances of getting laid that week drop down to that of a kobold successfully arm wrestling Wulfgar. *sigh* My silence is sexier.

I got your comment on my site earlier today, and I do wish you had said something. You know, a furtive pat on the ass or the like. I was going to go to Greenwoods with another (virtual) friend who posts on the Guy Kay website, but he realized he had a mid-term exam that same night. Missed the reading, but he made it in time to chat with Guy, at least. I still have his book, since I took it for him to get signed.

Next time Guy's in town, I'll be looking for you!