Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sucking Happily

This week got progressively better since my last post. I think it helped just to type out how I was feeling and share it with the world at large, though I do feel bad. I can't help but feel selfish and self absorbed....but then again, what is a blog if not an exercise in self absorbtion?

So, Wednesday night, around 3 AM, I woke up feeling strange, I remember thinking that if I wasn't pregnant and I felt that way, I would expect my period to start the next day. I also remember thinking that if I woke up in the morning bleeding I'd be awfully angry. Of course, I woke up Thursday morning and was bleeding. I phoned my Dr's office, and after some effort managed to talk to his nurse. She reccomended that I head in to the hospital to get things checked out. So, after some panicking about what to do with Mary and an almost tearful phone call to Ian in Camrose via his bosses cell phone, I headed off to Labour and Delivery. I hung around, was poked and prodded, had my patchikaka peered at, discussed the merits of the new HPV vaccine with the young lady doctor and was told that yes, I was in fact bleeding from my uterus again, but the baby's heartbeat was strong and normal. I should get an ultrasound within the next week, and if the bleeding got worse, came with contractions or I stopped feeling the baby move I should boot it back to the hospital. I was then escorted to the outpatient ultrasound clinic to book an appointment. As I was booking the appointment with a lady whose grasp on english was iffy at best, one of the techs wandered by and said "I can get you in right away!" So, I had an ultrasound right then and there. They found a small separation in the membranes (whatever that means) that is the source/left over from the last bleed I had, but no clots. Then we watched as the baby booted the crap out of that one spot, likely being the reason for the most recent bleeding. Other than that everything looked normal, the baby was very healthy and according to their measurements, it is already very large (2lbs already, and I'm only 23 weeks along!). I did learn one disturbing piece of information though....In about 15 years I will have two teenaged girls in my home. The thought terrifies me. Actually, I'm thrilled to be having another girl, I was kind of hoping that it would be a girl anyways, I'm just not looking forward to the teen years.

Ians work took the day off on Friday due to a forecast winter storm that never actually showed up, so we had a nice day together. We took Mary to meet Raven and her youngest at an indoor playground in Sherwood Park. The first time Mary went there she wouldn't release the death grip she had on my finger, but yesterday she started to play after about 10 minutes of finger clinging and shyness. She had a blast, and my favourite part was when she would do something fun, then run and grab Ian and I to share it with us. She's becomming such a neat little person (when she's not having a rage fit), I'm really enjoying watching her grow up. After we left the playground, we all drove off to The Big Mall to have a bite to eat and to find a new bathing suit for Mary. I have bought her last couple of suits at Old Navy, but when we went there yesterday the only ones they had were absurdly sexy bakini's. I guess I must be alone in this, but I really think that sexualizing little girls is gross, not cute. We eventually found a nice red one peice with no sexy parts at all (I actually found a one piece at old navy that had these bizarre triangles outlining where the boobs would be if a 2 year old was a full grown woman. Ick). We also ended up getting ourselves cell phones. Another thing I don't really like, but I've been stressing out more and more lately about what will happen if I go into labour and can't get ahold of Ian, so now that isn't an issue. We got a halfway decent deal on the two phones and our plan is more designed for people who want to phone eachother rather than do a lot of phoning to many different places. Also, my phone is a very pretty pink colour.

The Purgatory game was last night. It went well, with some excitement, though I mostly sat by myself. I'm having a hard time playing a character that is almost universally disliked and whose boyfriend tends to forget that she is a real person and not a figment of his imagination. I enjoy the evil shenanigans that I can get up too in the downtime, as long as I'm careful I can do just about anything without worrying about there being any meaningful punishment (what do you take from a person who has no friends, no status, and no real power or posessions?), but it gets lonely sometimes. I am looking forward to regularly breaking the newest law that was passed.

Anyways, today will be a quiet day, I think. Mary and I are going to watch too much tv and lounge around the house in our pj's. When Ian gets home from work, I'm going to escape the house again to go to a birthday gathering, though I'm awfully tired, so I doubt I'll stay long.

Have a good weekend, and thank you for the nice emails I got after my last post! I don't believe I have responded to any of them yet, but it was nice to hear from you.

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Kristeen said...

I'm glad all is well with you and the baby.

You and I must be the only freaks about bathing suits, etc.! I refuse to buy a two piece, and I was horrified with seeing the triangle-top ones too. I know I come from an unusual background (ie: fostering) but I am super paranoid about some freak getting off by looking at my kid. I only like longer dresses too. Saoirse doesn't own a single skirt and all dresses must be well below the knee. I was wondering yesterday how that conversation is going to go; I don't want to freak her out or make her paranoid, but I know one day she'll ask why she can't wear the little almost-mini skirts that seem to be everywhere now.