Monday, February 26, 2007

Toddler Blogging

This is why she is still alive. Good lord is she ever cute.

Yesterday we finally had enough junk taken out of the house that we could actually put together the easel that we bought Mary for her birthday. She was giddy with delight, and wanted to share the whole experience with us. If either Ian or I left the room, she would run out and drag us back, babbling excitedly as she handed us a carefully selected crayon. She'd scribble on the paper for a while, and then get so excited that she had to jump up and down and stomp her feet before continueing. She's also learned to say "Cheese!" somewhere whenever she spots the camera, and strike a pose. In both the pictures I posted here she was striking her favourite pose, elbow in the air and head tilted to one side. Have I mentioned how damned cute she is.

Yesterday wasn't all colouring and cuteness, mind you. We went grocery shopping, and I decided to take her for a walk through the mall while Ian found a parking spot. She was great, and happy, and then I tried to get her away from those stupid cars and she Flipped Out. Some old lady came and made sympathetic noises to Mary as she was alternately flinging herself to the floor to scream and lick it, and trying to kick and hit me. It took every ounce of my willpower to remain polite and not to tell the old broad to F-off, yes we are fine, no, she's not a sweet little angel, as you can bloody well see, and yes, I see that she must be a little bit tired. Once I got her into Safeway, Ian was waiting with a fancy truck shaped cart for Mary to ride in. She cheered right up when she spotted that, but it took me a few minutes to get over the urge to leave her in the mall.

Saturday was a fantastic day, not one temper tantrum all day long. She was cute and cuddly and friendly. I wish every day was like that. I was freaky exhausted though, and ended up not going to the birthday party like I planned. By time Ian got home from work, I was fast asleep on the couch surrounded by cats and a sleepy toddler. I suspect it had something to do with not getting home till after 2 am the night before.

Ians fingers are doing okay. At least, the majority of them are. His middle finger on his right hand is definately still the worsst, the whole tip has turned quite black and icky. Yesterday he decided to be nice and do some dishes for me which I appreciated greately, but it did disgusting things to that finger, now it's peeling and big chunks of black skin are starting to come off. barf. On the positive side, beneath one of the big black chunks I spotted some pink skin, which means that there is still circulation to the tip of his finger! While most of it will slough off, it looks like he won't lose the whole tip of the finger and it will eventually heal.


Mary said...

oh Blurgh! too early in the day to read something that icky lady!

heh. my nephew is also obsessed with his easel. it has a chalkboard on one side, and a magnetic board on the other side with many letters. kids love that kind of thing... so I've been told.

JSM said...

Mary sure is adorable.

I know there is a "finger food" joke in here somewhere, but I'm just not finding it.

Thanks for reminding me we have an easel up in the attic that I forgot all about though I suspect "destructo-boy" might just knock it over for kicks.