Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Ian did go to the doctor on Monday night, and was told that he shouldn't work for the next few days. Ian of course argued with him, and the doctor finally folded and said to take Tuesday off and to go to our family doctor.

The first thing that our family Dr. said was "Wow, I'm surprised you didn't loose this finger." Then proceded to get a book to read up on severe frostbite. Ian is now not allowed to work at the lube place at all (too dirty), not allowed to work outside when the temperature is below -10, and he is not allowed to remove his gloves at all while outside. A claim with Workers Comp has been started, and we are waiting to hear from the Dr. on a referral to a Vascular Surgeon. The fingers on his left hand are looking almost normal now save for the giant blisters, but his right hand is a different story, particularly the middle finger. They're still pretty badly discoloured and swollen, and I'm quite worried about them. I imagine he will go back to work tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to get up above freezing, hopefully he won't make things worse.

Not much else is going on around here. Mary's doing well, the cats are good, I'm okay but worried. February has always been a bad month for us, Ians dad died in Feb, my boss and friend died in Feb, last year Ian was out of town for the whole month....this February seems to be following the theme.


Raven said...

Yeah, February as a month mostly sucks. Valentine's Day even more so. (for me, the only really bright spot is our anniversary - Shades and I got married in February partly because it's a good month to hide, during.)

So... do you and Ian have sitting arranged for Mary, so the two of you can do something romantic (and get your minds off the weather, and fingers, and other miserable February-ness)?

If you don't, I'm offering.

Tearfree said...

That sounds awful. To take your mind off it, bring your alter ego to my blog. There are some more crazy guys who need a Western point of view if you know what I mean.

Lulu said...

So this is not the month for me to start composting my poo in your back yard?