Monday, February 12, 2007

In Search of Mutton

I was going to go out tonight. I had everything figured out, I was even planning on taking a very tired Mary along with me and putting her down in Raven's playpen. Then I saw Ian pull up and park out front, so I figured, yay! Ian can watch Mary, and I don't need to bring her. So, I told the softly sobbing child that yes, she could go to bed, which she did, and promptly fell asleep. Ian came in looking sheepish, and proceded to tell me that his fingers got a little cold at work today. I said "How cold, darling husband of mine?" He went into a lengthy tale of coldness at work, and finished up by showing me his fingers. His black tipped fingers. I said "Oh, you poor poor thing, what a terrible thing to happen to an intelligent man like you! Perhaps you ought to go to the doctor, though I shall of course leave it to your discression, darling husband." Then I phoned Raven, and explained the situation to her, suggesting that as a nurse, she may have some idea of whether or not black fingertips are something to be concerned about. She suggested that Ian go to the doctor, perhaps this morning when he first froze his fingers. By this point, my darling wee napless child was fast asleep, so I had to beg off going out tonight, which is too bad, but life with a child and husband.

So, I really want to make Scotch Broth. I enjoy making and eating soup, it is one of the few things that I am good at cooking. Unfortunately though, Scotch Broth requires mutton. Good luck finding that in this bloody city! I phone several butchers, and the most helpful thing I was told was that "we don't have mutton, but we have smoked mackeral." Um. Okay. Am I crazy in thinking that mutton is something that a person working in/as a butcher should know about? I mean, even if you don't carry it, you really ought to know that mutton is sheep, not fish. Sigh. I think I will try some of the Halal butchers next, if they don't carry mutton, perhaps I can try making my soup with goat. It's really too bad, I love the strong and gamey flavour that mutton has, but I suspect I'll have to go without.

My weekend went quite well. Friday Raven introduced Mary and I to the wonders of the indoor playground at Milennium place. Mary didn't stray far from my side or actually play on anything much, but we were there for an hour and a half and she seemed to have lots of fun dragging me around to look at all the other kids. Friday night Ian and I stayed in, cuddled on the couch and watched comedy shows on CBC. Saturday night some of my fabulous friends put on a Burlesque show. A few of the girls in our crowd discovered pole dancing a while back, and they are all good enough at it now that they were able to put together a fantastic routine. It was great fun, the food was fantastic, and I was reminded of all the reasons that I don't want to move back to Saskatchewan. I took a few pole dancing classes myself before I got pregnant, and I'm quite determined that if we are still in Edmonton come fall, I'm going to start up again. I really need to loose weight and get healthy, which is quite a chore when you despise excercise. Pole dancing is hard work and tonnes of fun, and it may even teach me to be a bit sexier (or at least feel sexier) too!


greypanther said...

I do hope Ian is okay. I am sorry you weren't able to come out tonight, I know I missed your company. Raven did too but for probably different reasons. Anyways, if your looking for mutton try safeway or Iga(sorry Sobeys) my husband has been finding lamb in their meat department lately which is unusual. So they may actually have mutton as well. The one butcher I know my mother uses is Cameron's Butcher but they recently changed owners so I don't know if that will be any help. Anyways I do hope you find your mutton and that your husband did go see a doctor and that everything else goes well for you.

Hugs in lieu.

Irrylyn said...

We go to a butcher out in St. Albert who carries various cuts of lamb. They also sell amazing buffalo or beef burgers and steaks.


James said...

Mutton is hard to find around here, because sheep aren't really a staple food in this part of the world, more of a luxury food (which would make my grandfather roll over in his grave, were he buried). You'll have better luck asking after lamb. What I usually do when I want scotch broth is to by a leg of lamb as a roast, use that for a meal or two (depending on how big the leg is), and then use the remains to start the soup.


JSM said...

Lamb neck bones are pretty economical for soups and stews. They yeild more meat than you'd suspect.

And while you're out, buy poor Ian a pair of glove liners.

Emmett said...

Don't leave us in suspense? Did Ian go to the doctor or not? Sounds like nasty frostbite. Did they amputate? Do they let you keep the fingers as souvenirs? I am now very curious.