Thursday, February 01, 2007

We are not impressed

So, since Sunday night (monday morning, really) Mary has started waking up at the wee hours of the morning and partying for a while. This can happen anywhere between midnight and 2 am, and will last from 1 to 3 hours. Um. What the hell? She did this before when she was sick, but she seems to be fine these days, if a little sniffly. It's not like she wakes up and cries, oh no, she gets up, chats to herself for a while, jumps out of the bed onto the hardwood floor, shrieks in joy, jumps harder on the floor, shrieks again, lays on her back and pounds her heels on the wall....I can't take much more of it. I'm having a hard time sleeping these days, what with all the complaints that go along with being 5 months pregnant, and this is just ridiculous.

We had to take away one of the toys that was in Marys room yesterday. She was given a beautiful old doll crib that belonged to a friend of ours when she was a child. This friend was thrilled when we had a girl, she has only boys in her family and was delighted to have someone to give all her old dolls and girlie toys too. Anyways, we had it in Marys room, and yesterday at naptime Mary decided to dismantle it and then beat the crap out of herself with it. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but all was quiet, when suddenly there was a "thump, crash, WAIL" from Marys room. Ian and I both ran in (he was home from work due to weather) and Mary was on the floor, surrounded by pokey wooden things, and bleeding from her cheek and nose. She has a cut on the bridge of her nose, and a big scrape on her cheek, it looks like we beat her on a regular basis.

Poor Ian has to work today, outside. The high (with windchill) is forcast at -29, and they are working out in a place called Nisku, in the middle of an empty field. Nice. I'm not thrilled with him either though. This morning I asked him to put a brush in the van before going to work, because it dumped a tonne of snow on us yesterday and last night. He took my keys to do it because his were already in the car warming it up. No biggie, right? Except as soon as he tossed the brush in the van, he hopped into the car and buggered off to Nisku. With my keys. I'm supposed to be babysitting so that N can go to a prenatal Dr.'s appt in, oh, 30 minutes. I of course burst into hysterical tears (bloody hormones and lack of sleep do not make for a rational Jennifer), calmed myself, and called Ian's boss on his cell. The boss was nice enough, though he did laugh at me, and he promised to get Ian to call as soon as he saw him. Of course they're working in freaking Nisku, and it snowed a tonne last night, so I have my doubts Ian'll be there any time soon. I called N, and thankfully she is feeling like hell due to a bad cold, and doesn't have a problem rescheduling her appointment. I still feel horrible for cancelling on her at the last minute though, not to mention the fact that I'm awake, and have been since 6:30 this morning. Mary is of course fast asleep on the couch, damn her. She needs her rest, she partied all night long.

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