Monday, June 04, 2007


We just put an offer on a house! You can see it here : (by the way, can someone tell me what codes it takes to make a link, keyboard shortcuts don't work in the browser that we are using now). We offered a good deal more than the asking price as it is being sold by the Sask Government, and they are planning on taking the highest offer. Ian is concerned that we aren't offering enough, I think we've offered way too much, but we will see. It does need quite a bit of work, but at under 100 thousand dollars, we can afford to do what is needed. It has a huge, beautiful fenced back yard which Mary has already enjoyed. The town of Milestone is only about 30 minutes away from Regina, and it is a really nice place as far as small town Saskatchewan goes. It has both an elementary and a high school so the children won't have to bus to another town, it has two gas stations, a co-op grocery store, and a couple of other shops as well. The biggest problem right now is that we have to wait till Friday to hear a yes or no because of government red tape and all the rest. Ugh. Anyways, wish us luck! If the offer is accepted we will take possession July 18th.

Oh, and as promised, here is a picture or two of the little Miss!

Enjoying an ice cream cone at the Milky Way (some of the best soft serve ice cream ever)

In her party dress for Grandma's birthday. She got it absolutely filthy in a hurry once we got there.

Showing off her musical talents while I was in the hospital. She's clearly taking after her father, Mr. David Bowie.

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