Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Heart Saskatchewan

Man the weather here is stinky. I had forgotten how miserable summers in Regina can get when it gets hot. I suspect I will be reminded about how miserable winters are here in a few months too. Why on earth would anyone want to live here? It's incredibly hot and humid right now, and a severe thunderstorm watch and tornado watch has just been issued for the city. Yay!

When I was a child, I was terrified of summer storms, and any time a tornado watch was issued I would insist on hiding in the basement. My parents and brother would laugh at me, but I felt it was important to be safe, you know? People who aren't from this part of the world have no idea how terrifying and bizarre these storms can get. I remember one time when I was about 15, my dad, brother and I were out playing football in the back yard. It had been a hot, sunny day, one of those summer days that you'll always remember. There was hardly any wind, the sky was blue and we were planning a bbq for supper that night. All of a sudden the air changed colour...I'm not sure how to describe it, but the air was yellow. My Mum always described it as being inside a glass of ginger-ale, everything was tinted. The humidity went up, and there was a strange roaring noise. I looked up, and you could actually see the wind coming, down the street the trees were bent over with the wind, but it was still perfectly calm where we were. The wind hit us, and a few seconds later the thunder and lightening started. It was spectacular (not that I noticed, I was huddled in the safety of the basement). The worst summer storm experience I ever had was when I was out delivering flyers and the storm appeared like magic over my head. I ended up huddled on someone's front step, too terrified to move, for about an hour till my Dad came and found me and took me home.

I don't feel the same level of panic at every storm warning these days, but I can't help but get a little nervous when the tornado warnings come out. Thank god I live in a basement suite.

We did end up putting an offer on the house we saw last night. It was beautiful and I fell in love with it right away. We offered 10 thousand more than asking, and hopefully that's enough. We do know that another offer came in at the same time as ours, so now we are just waiting to hear what the sellers have decided. We gave them till 4 this afternoon to get back to us, so we should hear back soon.


Raven said...

Did ya get it? Did ya get it??

JSM said...

That is the best description I've ever heard of that yellow light before a storm. I used to try and describe it to L, but until we moved back to the midwest, he could not really imagine how odd it is.