Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Beer and Popcorn

I feel like beer, and popcorn. I think that instead of spending every penny to my name on making my child comfortable, you know, food, diapers, a safe, warm place to live, toys to play with, books to read, a car to get around so Daddy can get to work and make more money to spend on stuff for the baby...I think instead, I will just buy beer and popcorn. I wonder if I can trade in the baby food that we have in the cupboard...

So, most of you have probably heard what two top dudes in the Liberal party said this weekend. I have not commented on it here yet because I am livid. Absolutely livid. I did write a letter to the Liberal party explaining that because of those two dopes, they have definately lost my vote. Any party who feels that way about parents, well, forget it.

The whole thing came up because of the Conservatives attempt to bribe parents into voting for them by promising $1200 a year for each child under 6. While it's tempting, really, $100 a month is almost insulting, to be honest. That wouldn't cover even a week of full time daycare, and it would buy 1 box of diapers and 2 tins of formula. Yippee. While they were attempting to shoot down the whole plan, two liberals, on two separate occasions said that parents would be more likely to spend the money on Beer and other things, like popcorn, cars, cd's, dvd's, than they would on their children. Honestly, what were they thinking?

I've said it before, and I will say it again. Why should those of us who chose to stay home with our kids, or who chose to put our kids into unregulated child care be punished by not receiving the same amount of help that working parents/people who are lucky enough to work a 9-5 job and thus can put their kids into daycares that are only open from 8-6? On top of that, they seem to be saying that I am incapable of raising my child. She should be with professionals, in an institutionalized envirnment so she can reach her full potential. right. I'm of the opinion that no one out there is better suited to raise my child than I am.

I think that the bottom line is that the government does not want parents to stay at home. When I am not working, I'm not making an income. When I don't have an income, the government can't make money off of me through income tax. When I'm not working, we aren't making enough money to spend on useless, frivolous crap (ah, how I miss thee, useless, frivolous crap) so the economy suffers, and again, the government isn't getting their 7% GST.

So, this election, although it may be throwing away my vote, I'll be voting Green. I just can't bring myself to vote for any of the major parties right now, they're all the same, really.


Goody said...

In respect to "throwing away" one's vote;

Isn't it better to waste a vote on someone you want, than to "not waste it" voting for someone you do not?

Anne R. Key said...

Hear, hear, Goody!

Good points, Jennnnnnnnnnn. What the Liberals said was unconscionable.

Emmett said...

Although they could have expressed it better (far better, in fact) I don't really disagree with what they said. You even said as much yourself, Jenn: the idea that this $100 would go towards something vital that the child needs is highly unlikely -- except in the poorest cases, who already get a great deal of assistance.

What an insensitive way to put it, though. They're so eager to try and trip up the Conservatives that they're falling over, themselves. Sigh.

tomama said...

Well said. This is a very bleak election. Obviously Harper is not an option, but -- my god - could the Linerals just shut up already and let the conservatives sink themselves.

Laurent said...

Politically incorrect... with style!